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My favorite illustrator, @marlafrazee (rhymes with crazy), has chucked text out the window with her wonderful wordless books The Farmer and the Clown and The Farmer and the Monkey (out this week!!)—and I promise you will never miss a word. Like at all. . Taking a ‘picture walk’ through a book with your child empowers them to see and tell stories based on their own observations, helps your pre-reader focus on illustrations’ little details (focus grows with them, I promise!), and teaches your little one to deduce story from subtleties of expression and body language. Picture walks erase language barriers, thumb their nose at illiteracy, and create a cozy conversation between reader and child. . #TheFarmerAndTheMonkey overflows with story, character, humor, humanity, emotion, and loveliness—just ask Birdie. ♥️ . Hi, @simonkids, and thank you.
09/26/2020 03:52
Saturday was #NationalDanceDay = my favorite day of the year. ???? I was feeling too blue this weekend for this joyful post, but now - I’m ready for a bit of happy, even if we have to fake it til we make it. Besides, isn’t it my job to watch ALL of the dance content and share it with you, Dear Reader? ♥️????‍♀️????♥️ Thank you for creating the perfect happy soundtrack, @meghan_trainor. ♥️ . @dans_lider @xin_ying_dance @jailhaus @krithi_ @katieboren1 @where_all_the_wildflowers_grow @donte.colley @erikcavanaugh @jamesbwhiteside @isabellaboylston @cairde_76 @goodnews_movement @skatealldae @wcollins4 @thewilliamsfam @worldwideballet @kevin_jenkins_choreographer @tilerpeck @leapofdanceacademy @aishimatsu @ingridsilva @royaloperahouse @khetanya @hilarioushumanitarian @visuality11 @brandoperezl @paunikaj @maxim_shirmankin_red_ballet
09/21/2020 11:46
Alabama, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Virginia, Minnesota and South Dakota—you’re in luck—early voting is underway! Don’t pull your ripcord too late. ♥️ . ????: @whenweallvote
09/20/2020 04:53
Thank you.
09/19/2020 04:05
I know—????????????. Emboldened by the success of the nice man on YouTube I gave it a try and so here you go. #mikemadeitlookeasy ????????‍????????????????♥️
09/17/2020 04:34
Will Zooms be less ???????????? if I do them from here? ????????????????‍♀️???????? . ????: @davide.anzimanni
09/16/2020 03:40
Way to show ‘em how it’s done Grandmom and Grandad! Happy #grandparentsday, mom and dad. ♥️????♥️ (Tons of love and special shoutout to Grandma Chris and Grandpa Tim!)
09/14/2020 01:19
My dog is, like, totally obsessed. ???? . (???? #kellykapoor)
09/12/2020 05:29
19 years ago, but it feels like yesterday. I honor the lives lost and the hearts broken. And I remember, wistfully, the feeling of national unity in the days, weeks and months that followed. I ♥️ NYC. I ♥️ USA.
09/12/2020 12:40
My family farm is, as the kids say, my organic, biodynamic happy place. I can’t help but feel like the love my Aunt and Uncle put into growing this year’s sweet potato crop will add to @onceuponafarm’s delicious goodness for your kids. But first—meet our lawnmowers: Simon, Pete, Boaz, Pignut, Mistletoe, and Mayapple. ????????‍????????????????♥️
09/10/2020 09:57
Back-to-School/vaccine/sports/and more questions answered here. I love Dr. Fauci—and you will, too. ????♥️ . @niaid @nihgov
09/10/2020 01:42
45 years later, you’re still my main squeeze. Happy #nationalteddybearday, TBear. ????♥️
09/09/2020 11:29