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Glow-getters! Here’s my daily complexion booster routine so you can perfect your glow ✨ @jlobeauty @sephora @sephoracanada
08/02/2021 04:23
Ciao ???? ????: @lacarba
07/30/2021 08:04
It’s my birthday ❤️???????? 5 2 … what it do …
07/24/2021 11:46
5 2 … what it do …???? ????: @lacarba
07/24/2021 11:14
Hello Gorgeous! I’m breaking down my real AM routine for you so you know exactly how I get THAT glow (ps coffee and H2O are always a must) ✨ @jlobeauty @sephora @sephoracanada
07/22/2021 12:37
Love make the world go round!!! Lin Manuel and I are re-releasing this beautiful track for the 5 year anniversary…the message of love and equality and stopping hate and fear resonates even more today! We have been able to do some amazing things with the money raised the first time around. All proceeds will be going to the onePULSE Foundation to honor the victims, their families, and survivors. This will provide continuing support of the national pulse memorial and education programs including 49 legacy scholarships in remembrance of the victims. #LoveIsLove #Pride #LoveMakeTheWorldGoRound ???? @jimmyfallon @fallontonight
07/21/2021 01:12
#WeekendVibes with my coconut ????✨????
07/17/2021 07:58
#CambiaElPaso Making the Video part 2 ✨ Solo en mi canal de @YouTube ???? @RauwAlejandro ✨@hers ????: @lacarba ????: @jasonbergh ✂️: @louispalacios
07/15/2021 10:48
We rehearse anytime, anywjere…I had to work in the recording studio that night, but had the video shoot the next day, so I had @sienna.lalau meet me there and we moved some couches around and did it right on the rug…LOL… People sometimes think I’m crazy but I wanted it to be perfect the next day for the video shoot!! Hope you’re enjoying the #CambiaElPaso video!! #WeDoWhatWeGottaDoWhereverWeGottaDoIt
07/12/2021 06:51
A lil BTS ✨ All she wanna do is just dance, dance, dance, dance!!! #CambiaElPaso #SetLife @drinkpoppi #SwapYourSoda #DrinkPoppi #GutHealthIsWealth
07/10/2021 10:30

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