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My happy place ???? Head was a bit scrambled today been working hard on my book and got myself in to a fluster worrying if I needed to add more to the book or change any bits, a little bit of self doubt creeped in. When this happens the best thing I can do for myself is get out! I went on a 5k run followed by a 2k walk through the woods! Head feels clear and everything is on track again... point here being, if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed or flustered the number 1 advice I have, is to silence your mind, whether you meditate, go have a bath or go for a run, give your mind some breathing space and things somehow always manage to get sorted and focus will return ???????? #mindfulness #mindset #mindsetiseverything
09/26/2020 06:01
Organic, vegan, THC free, #CBD oral spray! For a quick and easy dose of #cbd this is the natural flavour but also comes in different flavours ???????? check out @honesthempuk for the full range of #cbd products! I post regularly about the different #cbdproducts I use from @honesthempuk because I love being teamed up with companies that I believe in and products I use daily. Also I love trying all the new stuff they have! So make sure you check out @honesthempuk ! #youmecbd
09/26/2020 02:26
Can someone caption this for me... I’m out of ideas!.... Pic by @michaelshelford ????????????
09/24/2020 10:32
Editing my book ???? It’s nice going back over it and making all the little changes- also adding a couple of chapters ????also there is a change in the launch of my book now from Nov 5th to Nov 26th due to covid causing a back up in printing- so only a small delay but very excited for everyone to be able to finally read it! (Pre orders can be bought from the link in my bio) I started the day right no socials when I wake up and went straight out for a 5k run - when I do this I can focus a whole deal better throughout the day!! Really helps! I’ve also taken over the @thecoachingmasters Instagram today to show my daily habits that help me be as productive as poss and what keeps my mindset right to enable me to get it all done! Head over and give them a follow as this evening I’ll be picking 1 new follower of @thecoachingmasters to win a mindset and transformation programme and coaching qualification worth $3,200! Happy Tuesday everyone ????????????‍♀️????
09/22/2020 05:43
Self care tips: Always moisturise your body ???? I’ve been using my @honesthempuk #cbd infused body butter ????????????‍♀️ With all natural ingredients, cruelty free! And organic! The CBD reduces inflammation, smooths the skin and can also help control acne ???? @honesthempuk #youmecbd #honesthemp
09/19/2020 01:04
What a sunset ???? the world is one incredibly beautiful place! Don’t forget to notice ???? #sunset #oseaisland #osea #sea #sun #sand #staycation2020 #staycation #uk #englandtravel #silverlinings #sellingsunset
09/18/2020 10:11
A moment of stillness ????????‍♀️???????????? #peace #osea #oseaisland #sea #staycation #unitedkingdom #england
09/17/2020 06:25
What a sunset ???? first few hours @oseaislanduk and I’m in love ????????????‍♀️ #osea #sea #sunset @wearehoi
09/15/2020 08:54
????????‍♀️????????????‍♀️ ????: @shardsofdecency ????
09/15/2020 11:38
One of my favourite charities the @pinkribbonfoundation has teamed up with Texan artist David Cantu to design a range of charity t-shirts to celebrate #BCAM2020 and their 20th anniversary. A donation is made to the #PinkRibbonFoundation for each one sold to support those affected by breast cancer.  Shop now at and wear and share them on social media using @pinkribbonfoundation #TeamPRF #WearYourSupport   @teemillstore
09/14/2020 08:37
Had the most lovely chat with @loreal_blackett on “The Edit Podcast” last week. ???? You can listen on Spotify now (if you need the link head to L’Oréal’s page as link is in the bio) ????????‍♀️????
09/14/2020 11:26
Happy national encouragement day! My wonderful publishers @hashtag_press put this together. What are your top 3 songs of encouragement?..... #nationalencouragementday
09/12/2020 02:27