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Try to deal with 2020 like Gene Kelly deals with the rain ☔️????????‍♀️ #singinintherain #perspective #2020 #mgm #genekelly #brightsideoflife☀️
12/07/2020 04:08
Happy Birthday to the sister I never had and the best friend I’ll always keep ???????? Love you to death. Here’s some pics @skinbycare
11/12/2020 03:33
A strange summer ???? #2020
09/16/2020 12:23
The sun will come out, tomorrow ☁️????⛅️????#2020
06/14/2020 11:40
Went through my, childhood, acting, scrapbook; my saint of a mother, made for me’ Some really special memories ft., some really great people. Time flies when you’re having fun ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️???? #bts #onset #tbt R.I.P. to Luke Perry, I was lucky enough to work with him as both a child and an adult
04/03/2020 12:07
????????‍♀️????????‍????????????‍????????????‍♀️????????‍????????????‍????????????????????????????????????‍♀️ #happyinternationalwomensday I wouldn’t be a strong woman without strong women???? ???? @samvelasquez
03/07/2020 03:50
COMING SOON: The Runner ???????????????????????????????? I’m really, excited for this! We put a lot of sweat and tears into making this movie. I loved every second of it.. Super grateful for the A+ team of crew/cast and our boss lady of a Director???? I’ll keep you, lovely people, updated on the release dateX ( How cool is the lighting!? Credit to: @malavasidp ) #therunner #bts
02/17/2020 01:22
STAYCATION worthy???????? After customizing my own, shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask, with @functionofbeauty , I won’t go overnight without it! Which is why their travel set comes handy!! Everything from the smell to the ingredients are customizable! Also, cruelty free and 100% vegan!! Have the hair product as unique as the hair on your head ???? Use code JA20 to get 20% off your custom formula! #functionofbeauty
02/05/2020 02:16
Happy Birthday to my big bro , Jaz! ???????????? Six years of friendship and there isn’t a week that goes by, I don’t think to myself, “What would Jaz say about this?”. That’s about when I’ll start heading over to his house, which he makes feel like home. I value your opinion, wisdom, and truths. I’m thankful for your excessively giving personality and generous heart. I trust you with my life and I couldn’t thank you enough for being there for me, through and for everything. You’re the hub of our community and heart of our fam. Your faith is inspiring and your work ethic motivating. God places certain people in our lives because He knows we will need them along the way, I’m definitely blessed I got Jazejaz! I love you! See you in Harry Potter land. P.s. happy MLK day too xx
01/21/2020 09:31
Everything isn’t always black and white, babe ????????‍♀️
10/24/2019 01:25

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