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Many have waited to see me and Jack O’Connell go at it in a movie. Here it is. JUNGLELAND will be in theatres (????????‍♀️) from NOVEMBER 6th and available on VOD NOVEMBER 10th! Bruce Springsteen actually asked to see this movie ❤️ @paramountmovies
10/15/2020 10:11
Better not piss me off???????? thanks @geigersdynamicfitness
10/03/2020 01:14
I waited for the wind to blow to take this ????????‍♀️???????? wearing new slip cover by @saiebeauty which is ALL clean and vegan make up ????thank you!
09/25/2020 05:08
After 13 months, a trip to Canada and back, a pandemic, a hamster named Ophelia, many many therapy sessions, too many cans of Coca Cola and countless trips to @eatart379 to save my hair from green/blue/death, YOU CAN FINALLY SEE @pinkskiesaheadmovie at AFI FEST ???????????? I don’t need to say again how much this movie means to me and to @kellyoxford and every single person who worked on it ❤️ go to @pinkskiesaheadmovie for screening and ticket information! Thank you for sticking with us!
09/21/2020 11:28
Thank you @hollywoodreporter and @thewrap for making me feel like I have a job again. Greatly appreciated and thank you for supporting our movie Holler ????????‍???? wearing @alessandrarich and @burberry styled by @sydneylopez hair by @drtn make up by @beau_nelson ????photos by @austinhargrave @the_paramour_estate and @chrisloupos
09/18/2020 06:51
This shirt is who I am @farmrio ????
09/17/2020 01:10
Picking up @montysgoodburger in @alessandrarich this burger run was styled by @sydneylopez with glam by @drtn and @beau_nelson
09/16/2020 05:03
I just had dinner at @osteriamozza and it was such an amazing evening. I had not eaten in a restaurant since Valentine’s Day, 7 months ago! So I took this experience seriously and I am so grateful I got to go to a restaurant like this that made the evening so special. I realise it is still somewhat controversial to eat out and post about it but I really wanted to share the work they have done to transform this place in to something that is safe but still feels like a treat. The food and service is still incredible as always and the social distancing modifications are noticeable so you feel safe but not jarring at all. We wore masks when we came and left obviously. People in the restaurant industry like so many other industries are completely transforming their businesses so they can stay open and keep people in work. If you have the opportunity, are in good health and have the correct attitude towards this virus which is responsible and compassionate to others, I hope you can support your local restaurants also ❤️
09/10/2020 06:13
Yes these are high heeled @crocs (dm me let’s talk) Thank you @rebeccaannes ???????? my face looks like a box because I had my wisdom teeth out but usually it looks like a bowling ball so it’s aight.
09/08/2020 06:09
I’m so excited that HOLLER is going to @tiff_net we are so grateful to finally share this film with you all! Me and @nicriegel will see you all online ????????‍♀️???????? #tiff2020
09/01/2020 11:30
Took a break from Instagram, went in some lakes, drove 5 hours across California and realised this state is beautiful, like you look at it all and fully realise this is a planet! This is earth we are literally a planet in the solar system and it’s incredible. Fell in love with America again then watched the republican national convention and it was all lies, so came back to help with the truth ❤️
08/28/2020 09:43
Just in nature ????????????????
08/28/2020 09:19

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