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07/30/2020 03:12
#challengeaccepted and I did a full teeth smile picture ???? thank you @sydneylopez @madisonmmiller_ @chronicflowers @zoe.winkler.reinis @lisazambri ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #womensupportingwomen
07/27/2020 09:54
Did not dress up since February so I’m Guna take this self indulgent moment. I wanted this @thefrankieshop suit for months and months and I love it ❤️
07/27/2020 01:57
Hi just letting you know that @marvin_af have the best tacos and fries on their marvito lunch menu and I have no idea why it’s taken me this long to have their fish tacos. Stunning.
07/25/2020 01:50
Doing business #suemengers
07/23/2020 10:00
The party still going on @leedsunited
07/23/2020 05:57
I love my birthday ✨????????‍♀️
07/21/2020 08:05
Tomorrow (20th July 1 day before my birthday ????) we will be doing our group interview for @teotfw with @bafta it starts at 5pm uk time but you can watch anywhere in the world on the BAFTA YouTube page. You can stream it live. We have never done a full group interview so we are really looking forward to it ✨
07/19/2020 07:13
Hi I just set on this step and think about things but my skin looks great
07/12/2020 11:07
Me to people not wearing a mask @ericcantona
07/03/2020 04:27
It really is a shame I am so common. It’s all great until I speak. Photo by @marksquires_studio ???? @deborahfergusonstylist @drtn @storyofmailife @theglassmagazine
07/02/2020 06:48
You need to watch this! Especially if you are someone who is on this platform actively involved in #metoo then you need to watch this documentary. Russell Simmons has been accused of sexual assault by 20 women. This happened over 30 years! None of these allegations have lead to any kind of criminal investigation. This is unacceptable and we have deeply let down the women who came forward. The documentary also shows how black women did not feel that #metoo was for them!!!! which is just beyond devastating, BEYOND. They did not feel that they would be heard or seen!!!! As a white woman I paused it at that point and really had to sit and think about what these women were saying, how they feel, how we have let them down so much, so much and also just what the fuck is going on because we not supposed to be doing it like this. We need to protect each other! I watched this on hbo max but I will post a link in my stories to other places you can watch.
07/02/2020 05:25