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The bob means business. A lot more of this on #LIMETOWN (streaming for *free* on @peacocktv right now!)
01/12/2021 12:48
Meet the brilliant (camera shy!) team behind #LIMETOWN. We're streaming the series on @peacocktv and can't wait for you to go check it out if you haven't already!! More on stories.
01/04/2021 07:29
Last TBT of 2020 goes out to JTT and my very 90s hair flip. Happy Christmas Eve everybody!
12/25/2020 02:51
Scenes from LIMETOWN...which is, as of today, streaming on @PEACOCKTV. I couldn't be more excited to see this series (and all the hard work that @zacksakers, @outdoorskip, @michellepurple3, @beccalou34 and the whole team put in) find a new home! Also! This show is FREE on Peacock, so you have no excuses... go binge it! Link in my bio.
12/17/2020 06:13
In honor of the 16th Anniversary of #BladeTrinity today (and also #ElfOnAShelf season) I present to you… WESS on JESS. #MyElf
12/08/2020 11:02
The pandemic has been an uncertain time for all of us, but especially for children –– and ESPECIALLY when it comes to their education. Before the pandemic, more than 98 million adolescent girls around the world were not in school. Today, due to COVID19, girls face even more obstacles in continuing their education. We can’t let the pandemic derail their futures and dreams. I’m so inspired by the organizations in the @GirlsOpportunityAlliance community that are helping girls around the world to keep learning while remaining healthy and safe. Many of these girls would not have the means to keep studying without this support. Today on #GivingTuesday, I hope you’ll join me in supporting this important work. Check the link in my bio to take action today.
12/01/2020 06:20
About time ???????? Congrats @joebiden and @kamalaharris. So ready for some change.
11/07/2020 07:39
Halloween movies are scary and all - but 2020 IRL is about to get a lot scarier if we don’t get out there and VOTE. Only a few more days!!! Text 3 friends over the next 3 days and make sure they’re all set to get their ballot in. #FBF
10/30/2020 11:22
#VOTE with love, empathy, and for those whose voices aren’t as loud as your own ❤️
10/27/2020 09:41
Today is International #DayoftheGirl — and I’m proud to share my story in support of #TheGirlEffect. ⠀ ⠀ Society told me I was SUPPOSED TO be nice, be pretty, be sweet, be feminine. Instead, I CHOSE TO own my strength, cultivate my mind, and embrace my power.  ⠀ ⠀ At a young age, so many girls are taught to be comfortable walking two steps behind their male peers. As someone who always identified in mind and body as an athlete –– that never made sense to me. Women are powerful and that’s a great thing. Even though it scares the sh*t out of people.  ⠀ ⠀ While the gender stereotypes have evolved and we’ve come a long way — it’s still so important for little girls everywhere to recognize that they are capable of everything - and more. We have to teach all children equality so that one day, girls will be represented EVERYWHERE that decisions are made. ⠀ ⠀ Tag just one friend who inspires you to share your SUPPOSED TO / CHOSE TO story. Why just one? Because when one girl finds her power to make different choices that change her life, it inspires others to do the same…and THAT changes the world. Learn more at @girleffect. ⠀ ⠀ ❤️
10/11/2020 04:23
This one’s for #RBG. Please please PLS join me and vote on or before November 3rd. 100% of the proceeds from this tee supports @EraCoalition for Women’s Equality, which fights for all of those most impacted by systemic inequalities. Use your voice and your style to support constitutional equality for all because it shouldn’t be a dream — it's a right. Link in my bio. #Dissent #Vote2020 #ERANOW
10/09/2020 05:06
#Imvotingfor... The environment ????. Mother Nature is such a huge part of our everyday, and I want to ensure she’s protected from the dangers of climate change — not only for this generation but for future gens as well. AND, while I’m voting to protect her, I’m also voting for all the women in my life who deserve to have their rights protected, too. @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris will make that possible. Visit or click the link in bio to make a plan and vote ???????? (PS - second slide is an old pic ????)
10/06/2020 05:18

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