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Mondays... amirite? ????
11/16/2020 07:44
So glad there's a day for this, but can't we just make it every day? Happy #WorldKindnessDay
11/14/2020 12:57
Was too busy yesterday celebrating @preposulo in person to post on Instagram. Wishing the happiest birthday ever to my hubby ❤️
11/11/2020 09:30
2020 is finally looking UP! 100 years after women were given the right to vote, we elected the first female Vice President of the United States ???? ???? GO #BIDENHARRIS2020
11/07/2020 08:31
11/04/2020 09:12
With all the division and anxiety surrounding the election tomorrow, I just wanted to put on my favorite shirt and remind everyone that to love others is to love yourself.
11/03/2020 02:09
Happy #WorldVeganDay! Today, let's all celebrate by baking a cake with almond milk and coconut oil.
11/01/2020 11:19
Zoom bombs are rough these days... Happy #Halloween! ????
10/31/2020 08:00
This nice stranger said he’d watch my stuff while I took a quick nap. Thanks for having my back, Fred!
10/30/2020 06:50
No... I’m not sure what you just watched either. ????: @shrimpdaddy
10/29/2020 09:27
Mask on, pants off. ???? @leamotion
10/27/2020 07:48
You should see her scheduling meetings during yoga class.
10/26/2020 07:54