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I LOVE @domandink’s work - what a treat is it to have an illustration by him to celebrate my @dragraceukbbc look!
02/19/2021 01:41
1 hour to go until @dragraceukbbc! Let’s go @elliediamondofficial @tiakofi @itstayce @officialsistersister @lawrencechaney @biminibabes @awhora I LOVE THIS SHOW
02/18/2021 09:03
Did I die and wake up in Drag heaven? ABSOLUTELY! Catch me (and my extremely gestural hands) on the panel of @dragraceukbbc with @michellevisage @rupaulofficial and @chattyman on @bbcthree tomorrow!!!
02/17/2021 03:53
10 years since Valentine came out with this guy @sampha ????( shot in Brixton station by my other Valentine @samburrowspt ) x
02/14/2021 03:37
TOP 10 ALBUM FOR WYP AGAIN!! What a week!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! Xxx also massive love to @tvspaulmalone for letting me back on Graham. So appreciate it and this wouldn't have happened without being on your show x
02/12/2021 08:58
Thank you so so much for all the love and support for Remember Where You Are. It's been pretty incredible, overwhelming and I can't actually believe it's pushed my album back into the charts. Thank you so very much. P.s Vinyl back in stock!! Sorry it took so long. Xxx
02/09/2021 10:28
with @senabmusic @theycallmeabimbola @joellfender @justnilejay x
02/07/2021 09:04
performed for the first time on @thegrahamnortonshowofficial . I love my job, I love this song and couldn't have done this shebang without the wonderful voices of @senabmusic @theycallmeabimbola @joellfender and @justnilejay Shout outs to @nellkalonji @icouldneverbeadancer @annaengerstrom @williambowerman @wfblive @gribiche @karenbigsisteruk @fascinationmanagement @tvspaulmalone @patrickwilson @francescabrazzo and love to @loewe for making me feel so amazing in this dress x
02/06/2021 03:19
Just woken up to such lovely messages about the @thegrahamnortonshowofficial performance. Thank you! And thanks for the mazels on the bump ???? XXX
02/06/2021 11:15
On the marvellous @thegrahamnortonshowofficial tonight singing Remember Where You Are ❤️ tune in at 10.45pm xxx
02/05/2021 03:22
I’m so so sorry we can’t make the April WYP tour work, it's just not safe yet. We have been working so hard to try and get dates that seem logical and as close as possible, whilst also being safe. Because when I tour this album, we are going to need to be up close and personal with each other! There’s going to be dancing, dirty dancing, kissing, touching and hugging strangers and lovers! It’s going to be so much fun and to do it properly - and sensibly - this is when I have been advised, so we’ll see each other in December. I can’t wait. But I am sorry you're going to have to wait a little longer for What's Your Pleasure live. I promise it will be worth it. Original tickets remain valid on rescheduled dates xxxx
02/05/2021 10:57
Remember Where You Are is finally coming out as a single - because Barack Obama gave it the seal of approval in his end of year song playlist (god bless ya Sasha Obama for putting Daddio onto Jessie Ware) and because I know how many of you love it. Thank you for all the messages about this song. It means a lot. We wrote it at a time of uncertainty but never did we expect Covid 19 to come and now, once again, this song has taken on a new poignancy. A brand new edit of Remember Where You Are will be yours from midnight tonight & I’m so excited to be performing it on @thegrahamnortonshowofficial tomorrow night so make sure you tune in.
02/04/2021 08:30

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