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Maintaining my hair growth with @CamilleRoseNaturals products! ????These are premium blends mixed fresh with delicious ingredients that will keep your hair healthy. Products are on sale right now on their site! @Janell_Stephens really did that! My beauty rituals routine is: Curl Love Moisture Milk Curl Maker Cocoa Nibs Growth Serum #MixedFreshToOrder ????
11/27/2020 08:53 you guys know , I have been working with my team on what's next for  I was blown away when thousands of you joined and trust me, we are just getting started ???? I am weeks away from a big announcement for my FP family...and of course with this Black Friday weekend it was only right we did something special for you guys....use the code FRSTPLACE30 for our BF promotion   Starts today , expires 30th November ‼️
11/26/2020 06:25
chill most days ???? what are y’all cooking for the holidays?
11/25/2020 06:46
Turns out we both love Old Spice GentleMan’s Blend Body Wash. Love is a rollercoaster y’all. @karltowns @oldspice #menhaveskintoo #AvailableAtTarget #SponsoredObviously
11/22/2020 01:02
In the middle of somewhere ????
11/20/2020 10:40
SOME GOOD NEWS ????‼️ proud of you @theestallion GO WATCH THE BODY VIDEO OUT NOW ♥️
11/20/2020 08:29
we have a million photos together so it’s hard to even pick but since the day is coming to an end happy birthday to my partner in crime. you already know what it is. ????????♥️
11/16/2020 10:14
.... ???? ....
11/16/2020 01:30
I’m probably happiest when I’m around animals ???? thank you @sdzsafaripark for the private tour.. one of my new favorite places to come to???? started the surprise birthday festivities right ????
11/15/2020 03:05
11/13/2020 08:19
✨ @dermilogic facial brush, cleanser and oil has my skin so smooth and clear! Have you guys tried their products?
11/12/2020 09:10
11/11/2020 12:43

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