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09/22/2020 10:33
First home game ever in Vegas! Had to show love to our new incredible stadium !!!!!!!!!! ????????☠️ @raiders LET’S GET THAT W ! #raidernation
09/21/2020 09:17
back when taka was tiny ???? omg miss when the kittens were this small ????????
09/20/2020 06:28
walk with purpose!
09/19/2020 09:13
So excited to be part of @DynamiteClothing's Fall Collection and The Muse Project. #iamdynamite because I'm a team player and my biggest passion is to lift the women next to me up. #DynamiteStyle
09/18/2020 04:58
HEY FOOTBALL FANS!!! ????♥️???? Can you believe it’s finally here!? Football season is my favorite time of year and this weekend I want to play against you all on DraftKings! Beat me or any of the other #DKReignmakers and you’ll win a free entry to compete for your share of $10K next week. Just enter the @DraftKings fantasy football millionaire contest. Plus, if I beat @Ochocinco, @DJPaulyD, @g_eazy , and @SpiceAdams I’ll win $10K for @greateryouthsports. Show me what you got!!! #MakeItReign. #ad
09/16/2020 11:15
Topical rain.
09/15/2020 09:56
Need more outdoor showers in my life ????????????????
09/15/2020 05:55
Nothing makes me feel more alive than you do ???????? @bohnes
09/14/2020 07:19
FOOTBALL IS BACK!! @raiders #raidernation (shoutout to Jim Otto the ???? and the real #00!)
09/13/2020 08:05
Evening dip.????????really wasn’t as cold as i imagined it would be ????
09/12/2020 08:41
???? this emoji perfectly describes the feeling in this photo.
09/06/2020 10:48