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03/24/2021 10:17
Jin and I talked for a long time yesterday. she told me how she is afraid to walk down the street. she told me how she no longer feels safe on the subway. she told me how she no longer feels safe at all. it broke my heart to hear how the hateful acts against asian people, especially over the last year, have affected her so deeply to the point where she feels like she can’t even walk down the street without experiencing some senseless act of racism. I stand with you Jin, and I promise to do everything I can to educate myself and the people around me so we can do better. how many more lives must be lost? how many more hateful words have to be said? how many more senseless acts of violence until we see that change? this cannot be ignored any longer. I love you @jinsoonchoi #stopasianhate
03/19/2021 06:23
when I first moved to new york, I struggled to find my place in a city that is always noisy, always moving, and always busy. the first time I stepped into mcnally jackson (on prince) I knew I had found my quiet place, my still place, and my home away from home. I can’t put into words how many hours I’ve spent in here over the last few years, and how appreciative I am of everyone who works there. to everyone who spent hours with me walking up and down the aisles, exchanging books and wisdom, and expanding my horizons... thank you. that is why this book club is so special! I am so beyond excited to have @mcnallyjackson on to discuss “severance” by ling ma - as a reminder to shop independent and support local bookstores. we talk about the novel and about the asian american experience that the author dives so deeply into. link in my bio to shop the book!!!
03/18/2021 02:36
dumb and dumber
03/17/2021 05:30
@celine by hedi ???? merci @hedislimane
03/14/2021 07:11
always love working with my friends at @bleusalt & @asenseofhomeorg!! new “kaia” cropped skater out now. 20% of proceeds go to @asenseofhomeorg of course ❤️
03/10/2021 06:26
i’ve always wanted to be a sim. congrats @simonerocha_ and @hm on #simonerochaxhm ???????? shot on zoom by @sharnaosborne
03/09/2021 10:23
this picture is very me. for book club this month, we are going to be reading ling ma’s debut novel, “severance.” this book is so many things - an immigrant story, a millennial story, a new york story... and a little bit apocalyptic. this will be my first time reading it — grab the book and see you at the end of the month! i’ll announce the guest later this week ❤️
03/07/2021 07:15
meet the new #mjdaisy eau so intense by @marcjacobsfragrances ???? @alasdairmclellan @kegrand @anthonyturnerhair @mirandajoyce
03/04/2021 06:12
@i_d @zoeghertner @alastairmckimm ???? a day in malibu
03/02/2021 07:09
utopia in dystopia for @i_d... thank you for this cover and this beautiful day in malibu @alastairmckimm ❤️ photos by @zoeghertner... huge special thank you to @jiatortellini, @raven_leilani, @chloekbenjamin, @officiallexiunderwood, @brandonflynn, and @cami_morrone for contributing to the cover story and giving me the opportunity to talk about book club ❤️
03/02/2021 07:01
paw to queen four
02/28/2021 09:16

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