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Wow. Thank you so so much. Have been in such an emotional daze all night I failed to get a single photo of me or the brilliant @flickerproductions team who made #findingderek @theofficalntas !! But maybe this is the photo you most wanted to see anyway - Me FaceTiming derek (via Darcey’s phone!) to tell him we had won! From him and from the bottom of our family’s hearts THANKYOU. For all who are struggling on and holding on to hope - this is for you. And to all the other wonderful nominations in the category - @marcusrashford @katieprice @romankemp @robburrowmndfundraiser_ proud to be among you and I salute your brilliance & bravery xxx
09/10/2021 06:49
Have been feeling very torn about asking you to vote for our documentary #FindingDerek ‘s nomination for @officialntas tomorrow. I am very proud of it but felt I shouldn’t be asking for more from you. I have even wondered if I shouldn’t go to such a sparkling event and take time away from the family who need me now more than ever. But a stranger just changed my mind! She was walking past our house & called out “hope you win” . I thanked her but said didn’t think we would as so many good ones in the category & I hadn’t been campaigning for votes as others have. She looked horrified . “But you must “ she said “ my sister died from Covid damage two weeks ago. Her heart had been ruined by the virus last summer. She watched your documentary and it gave her so much hope.” It broke my heart. So now I am asking you to vote please - not for me but to highlight the thousands that have lost lives and livelihoods to covid , and to the thousands more that battle on devastated by it. Also for the millions of others who are facing terrible diagnoses of any illness , the tortuous wait for treatment as our NHS strains to cope. It would be wonderful if your vote meant they felt less forgotten and helped me to fight on for them. The link is in the bio
09/08/2021 07:14
I am so honoured that Finding Derek is among some incredible and extraordinary documentaries nominated for a National Television Award this Thursday. It has been wonderful to be given the chance to give a voice to Derek and all those who can’t share the devastation Covid has inflicted on them. If you still wish to cast your vote then please find the voting link in my bio xxxx Good luck to @romankemp @katieprice @marcusrashford @rob7lindsey xxx #ntas #nationaltelevisionawards
09/08/2021 02:28
Darcey & Billy are are glued to our brilliant competitors in the @olympics equestrian events. Not least because as @benshephardofficial & I were saying yesterday on @gmb you just never know what’s going to happen when horses are involved. This was Billy’s first attempt at a canter & poor Banjo’s wind meant he came a cropper (listen with sound up & you can actually hear it!) . Better out than in ! or maybe better on than off!!?! ! Billy is fine by the way and he & Banjo still firm friends !! xxxx
08/03/2021 07:20
Well this was a moment - the first time the kids & I have been out to “something” other than school or work since Derek got sick. It was a magic show we were supposed to be heading to when he was rushed into hospital - and we felt strange that we were going out to one when he isn’t ready to - YET. But it was so wonderful to see Darcey and Billy enthralled and mystified and enraptured - the magic of life returning. And I know that’s what Derek wants too. It was unnerving to be with so many people after so long and the kids were wide eyed and more than a little disorientated to be in the centre of London with all the buzz but excited too. I couldn’t believe my eyes welled up at the spirit and celebration and pure joy of the performers getting the chance to entertain again - magic back in the west end and in our lives ????????????????. @wondervillelive runs @thepalacetheatre til the end of August - catch it if you can and if not hooe you can find some magic in the madness. See you on @gmb from 6 a.m
07/28/2021 12:45
Well what an honour to be among these shows for this years @tricawardsuk Best Radio Programme award . As you can see my producer @jamesdanielsjd & I are chuffed to mintballs ! See you at 10 for an award nominated @smoothradio show !
07/26/2021 09:34
God it’s heartbreaking ???? isn’t it - but thank you #englandteam for getting us close enough to feel a united moment of joy - and for giving a whole new generation a chance to believe. #nextstoptheworldcup #stillproud #euros #football
07/12/2021 02:00
YAAAAAAAAS!!! #thedreamisalive - #itscominghome The final - actually a FINAL ps no celebrating 11 yr olds were hurt in the filming of this video. #euro2020
07/08/2021 12:44
‘I’m devastated to hear of Peter’s passing. He was a brilliant editor and his work for Pride of Britain was groundbreaking, tireless and embodied the essence of his spirit - to look for the good everyday and find healthy fun in the darkest of situations . I have never met anyone who wasn’t happier for being in his company. Brilliant journalist though he was , I will remember him as a good friend and an incredibly kind man - I will miss him greatly. All my thoughts are with his wonderful wife Nicky, his lovely boys and his whole family . ????????
06/28/2021 09:06
Lovely weather for a #monday morning?! Good job I have all the musical #summervibes on @smoothradio from 10 am
06/28/2021 12:47

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