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It’s National Voter Registration Day! Here’s some of my favorite artwork around Instagram! Take a slide! Spread the word! (Artist tagged in slide) REGISTER TO VOTE ! VOTE! VOTE! MORE IN STORIES #vote #nationalvoterregistrationday
09/22/2020 06:00
Gonna make sure this firecracker of a young lady has her rights protected. Mama cub is out! ✊It’s National Voter Registration Day. VOTE #nationalvoterregistrationday #vote
09/22/2020 05:45
An absolute blast! @shaunwhite and @get_rude had @theoliverhudson and I absolutely envious of the fun they had growing up! What a great episode of @siblingrevelry Thanks for joining us! ENJOY! ✨DOWNLOAD NOW WHEREVER YOU LISTEN ????
09/20/2020 08:49
???? #Repost @goldiehawn ・・・ I know we can’t live forever, I only wish she could have ❤️
09/19/2020 05:06
Thank you to everyone who joined us on this messaging. We must vocalize our concerns and demand change for the sake of our children and for our country (USA). The next generations depend on the choices and decisions we make today. It’s just the beginning. Intentions ALWAYS focused on the GOOD ✌️ #stophateforprofit #VOTE #VOTE #VOTE
09/18/2020 04:45
Facebook: stop hiding behind freedom of speech when there’s nothing “free” about it. #stophateforprofit #beaccountable
09/18/2020 04:27
Facebook continues to recommend groups & posts that glorify violence to its users. We are outraged that this has gone on for years and the platform has yet to take meaningful action. Enough is enough. Join the movement to tell Facebook it’s time to #StopHateForProfit. Sign the petition: (SWIPE UP LINK IN STORIES)
09/17/2020 10:40
✌️ #stophateforprofit
09/16/2020 09:27
Feel like we got the tastiest Plant Protein:) Just sayin... ???? Pre sale on now @tobeinbloom I have a smoothie with this everyday since I developed it and it’s my fave. I know you’ll love ❤️ I’ll explain more about it in stories today ???? (Link in bio)
09/15/2020 06:36
I am joining leading civil rights organizations including @colorofchange @naacp @adl_national @lulac and others for the #stophateforprofit protest. Instagram and Facebook provide us all with a large and powerful platform but they are abusing this power by continuing to allow hate, violence and disinformation that is undermining our democracy. I hope Facebook finally will make necessary changes by reaching out to these groups and working with them to improve their platform for the greater good. Join us ✌️(Freeze happens September 16 for 24hrs)
09/15/2020 04:07
Monday... ????‍♀️
09/15/2020 03:23
In just 50 days, it’ll be time to exercise your right to vote! I wanted to share that @fabletics is making sure everyone has the time to vote (and the opportunity to volunteer at the polls too!). This year, we’re making Election Day a paid company holiday—shutting down our corporate headquarters and reducing our store hours. ???? We’re committed to empowering our community and encouraging everyone to hit the polls and cast their ballots! ???? And with a shortage of poll workers across the nation, we’re also partnering with @powerthepolls and encouraging our team to volunteer at polling locations. Because everyone should have the opportunity to vote, and everyone should feel encouraged to exercise that right! To learn more about the nonpartisan movement to drive culture change and increase voter turnout, visit ‪‬. #ExerciseYourVote
09/14/2020 07:26