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resting beach face
08/02/2021 07:09
No one cuter
08/02/2021 05:38
The @skims Cotton Jersey underwear are so soft, stretchy and comfortable! They come in every style you need and are tailored to perfection.
08/02/2021 12:46
My new @skims obsession is our Cotton Jersey collection. These tops are all-day perfection. Designed with our new take on cotton and in ultra-flattering cuts, you’ll wear these everyday.
08/01/2021 07:01
This is a @cicibussey appreciation post! I found this pic from a trip to Mexico we took and just reminded me of what an amazing strong cousin I have so wanted to share! She is officially cancer free after a few decades battle! So proud of her! Cici’s mom and my dads mom were sisters so I love going on walks reminiscing about all of the fun stories! She’s just the best! I love you Cici
07/30/2021 06:48
Little K ©️2001
07/27/2021 06:05
Happy 87th Birthday MJ!!! You are the woman who taught me my work ethic and have taught me so much about life, love and relationships! I’m so grateful to have you by my side to always go to when I need someone to keep it all the way real with me! I love you so much and hope today is magical for you grandma. I love you so much!!!
07/26/2021 07:35
back to my favorite island
07/25/2021 07:30
Casual Glam Day ???? with @makeupbyariel @chrisappleton1
07/24/2021 07:47
Fitting Archive ????
07/23/2021 09:01

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