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Loving my new custom necklace by @jayfederjewelers ????
04/13/2021 10:05
Happy 3rd birthday my sweet True! You are such a light in our family and we all love you so much! Always the most polite giving everyone hugs and kisses! I couldn’t ask for a better bestie for Chi Chi!
04/12/2021 09:10
My creative baby! North was testing out some make up looks she thinks I should do for some shoots. She also was testing out special effects make up tricks and used tissue on her cheek and covered it in foundation to look like a scar. I love seeing the looks she creates!
04/12/2021 09:00
⭐️???? my sunshine ☀️ ????
04/11/2021 09:46
Tucked in tight, it’s my heart where you’ll stay. Tomorrow I’ll love you even more than today. ????♾✨
04/10/2021 07:20
04/09/2021 05:34
Throwing it back to Thanksgiving 2006
04/09/2021 04:46
My twin forever! ????‍♀️
04/07/2021 10:50
Saint and Remi are best friends who fight like an old married couple! Saint gave me a kiss and said mom I will only kiss you forever until I get married and I said who are you gonna marry Sainty?!?! And he said definitely NOT Remi LOL
04/07/2021 04:37
04/06/2021 07:31
Sunset in the sky
04/06/2021 12:38
Spamming vacation pics all week!
04/05/2021 06:01

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