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09/16/2020 09:08
Happy birthday wife! I love you for life (that rhymed), I feel so grateful for every single second we have together (see stories). I hope you feel special and loved today and everyday.
09/15/2020 11:03
Smell like me: Unapologetically captivating, Ruby diamond’s sultry notes of fiery red ginger meet the striking opulence of ruby orchid for an opening that astonishes from the very beginning. In the heart, the seductive power of crimson colored rose petals are intersected with the unexpected vibrancy of passionate pimento. Like the mesmerizing kiss of a Ruby, Australian sandalwood is bathed in the lavish richness of red jasmine and vanilla bean for a scent that entrances you. AVAILABLE FRIDAY
09/14/2020 11:11
look beyond what you see
09/14/2020 07:06
self-care sunday ????????????
09/13/2020 07:24
she has exited the building
09/13/2020 01:16
Imagination is free, the journey is sold separately.
09/11/2020 09:58
Portofino with some vino (not pictured)
09/10/2020 09:51
too hip to take a dip
09/09/2020 11:40
@kkwfragrance Diamonds II Collection by Kourtney x Kim x Khloé collab coming soon! I chose a Ruby for my stone as I have a deep personal connection because it is Penelope’s birthstone. It symbolizes nobility, passion and loyalty. Shop the new #KKWDIAMONDS II fragrances on Friday, 09.18 at 12PM PT at KKWFRAGRANCE.COM
09/08/2020 07:34
sun moon stars obsession
09/08/2020 05:35
learn new things ????????
09/08/2020 04:45