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This is the gorgeousness I needed to see this morning ???? #Repost @elladjbalde • • • • • • Glencoe Golf Course A Change is Gonna Come - Oh yes it is! • ???? @aloeblacc • ???????? @seanmax74 Asst: @carolinetorti @salome_brunner • ???? @dirtygoldvintage • ???? @carlottaedwards • ✊???? @figureskatingdia (non-profit)
02/18/2021 08:14
Nicole Gwanzura, a Virginia-based mama and Program Manager at Forté, has dedicated her career to helping launch women into fulfilling, significant careers through access to business education, professional development, and community building. Her tireless efforts are helping to close the leadership and gender pay gap, creating a better world for future generations. Nicole is due with her second baby soon, and we want to shower her with some Hello Bello love. Please enjoy one year of Hello Bello bundles on us! @fortefoundation @nickycee09 @hellobello
02/17/2021 01:46
I think days where we celebrate love should acknowledge all the differnt kinds of love. There are 7 differnt kinds. Currently, my kids are watching a movie and dad woke super early so hes resting, which means I'm able to sit outside and knit in the sun. Im getting some (healthy) Philautia, and some intermittent Philia from the pups. I hope each and every one reading this gets one or more of the 7 today, and every day. ???????????? 1. Eros: romantic love 2. Philia: Friendship love 3. Storage(Stor-jay): familial love 4. Agape: universal love, as in strangers, nature or God 5. Ludus: playful or uncommitted love. Teasing, flirting, fun with no strings attached. 6. Pragma: practical love founded on reason or duty and one’s longer-term interests 7.. Philautia: self-love. Which can be healthy or unhealthy. "Unhealthy self-love is akin to hubris. In Ancient Greece, people could be accused of hubris if they placed themselves above the gods, or, like certain modern politicians, above the greater good. Many believed that hubris led to destruction, or nemesis. Healthy self-love, on the other hand, is akin to self-esteem, which is our cognitive and, above all, emotional appraisal of our own worth. More than that, it is the matrix through which we think, feel, and act, and reflects on our relation to ourselves, to others, and to the world."- quote from Psychology Today (@psych_today)
02/14/2021 10:41
@daxshepard , this video reminds me so much of you. Not only do you show me loads of intimacy, a smile always creeps across my face when i hear you get off the horn with one of your tattooed motorcycle buddies and you both say "I love you!" As you end the call. Thank you for being a man who normalized platonic intimacy and shows and tells your friends you love them. It's a very attractive quality.
02/13/2021 02:01
Share @happydance virtual #GalentinesDay cards with your Galentine who always reminds you to moisturize. (That’s a really good friend.) Head to their profile to find out how!
02/12/2021 01:19
This. Is. Incredible.
02/11/2021 10:37
Congratulations to Adam, Amanda, and one-year-old Henry Reale who just welcomed two beautiful twin girls into the family! Adam is a dedicated firefighter in Connecticut and a member of the Air Force who soon leaves on deployment. We know that Amanda will have her hands full while he's away, so we want to help out. Reale family, we're giving one year of Hello Bello bundles to your growing family. Thank you for your service to your community and country! @akreale @hellobello
02/09/2021 11:52
Just finished fostering some itty bitty new rescue pups from @wagmorpets - they are all adopted as of TODAY(yay!!)! But if your looking, @wagmorpets has lots more rescues avail!
02/07/2021 02:28
BREAKING NEWS: after 11 wonderful months of not wearing a Nipple Knapsack, today I put one on. But it's not just any Honker Hankey. The @femalecollective now has a collab with @harperwilde. And these amazing Upper Decker Flopper Stoppers have a very necessary hidden message for the wearer. ???? 15% of profits go to @girltrek, the largest public health + self-care movement for Black women. I'm gonna wear it with pride ????
02/05/2021 09:48
It’s #WorldCancerDay. Just wanted to take a second and say: Caregivers- I see you. You do so much and get so little recognition. So, as the supporter of the @prostatecancerfoundation , i want to celebrate you. if you (or anyone you know) provide support to patients: 1) Tell your #TRUE Caregiver story at to enter to receive a basket of pick me ups :) 2) Get your free pin at 3) post and spread the love! #IAmAndIWill #truecare
02/05/2021 05:56
This week, we're giving one year of Hello Bello bundles to New Jersey author, entrepreneur and former middle school teacher, Stephanie Snyder. Stephanie and her husband, Jed (also a teacher!) started Littlebit Book Club to help close the literacy achievement gap. Together, they've created a board book series that's written by Stephanie, illustrated by Jed, and inspired by their adorable kiddos Lucy and Leo. We love this family's dedication to literacy and helping families bond over books. Snyder family, thanks for the incredible work you do!  @littlebitbookclub @hellobello
02/03/2021 12:38
Sadly, even his best moves are no match for the gripping allure of screen time.
02/01/2021 09:45

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