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lately ????❤️
02/19/2021 06:58
CHANEL N°5 - HAPPY 100th anniversary ???????????? forever my fav <3 just a twist & a spritz and the magic is yours ????
02/08/2021 01:35
I’ll always answer your 6:30 am texts❤️@julietdoherty !! ❤️ matcha and @welovecoco mornin ????????
01/30/2021 12:45
I am so excited to get the opportunity to play such an incredible force of a being. I deeply respect, admire and have the utmost gratitude for what Betty Ford did during her time in the White House as well as the path she paved for herself and others afterwards. Betty Ford spoke openly about issues that the world was not accustomed to discussing: breast cancer, abortion, equal rights for women, as well as addiction for both drug and alcohol use. Her candid opinions on these topics smashed stigmas and opened discussions in a way that greatly influenced society and saved so many lives. Betty was a survivor, a true hero and taught us that we shouldn’t ever cover up what we perceive to be our weaknesses. Instead, she taught us to embrace our humanity. ❤️❤️❤️????????????
01/27/2021 09:53
????TOMORROW ????CHANEL SPRING- SUMMER 2021 HAUTE COUTURE SHOW ❤️ thank you for the most beautiful invite & goodies !! @chanelofficial @welovecoco ***2PM***
01/26/2021 12:42
a quick hang and a whole lot of snaps @martelinenystad ( 10år siden sist!!!) ❤️❤️❤️????????
01/24/2021 08:42
Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. -Leonard Cohen ????????????????????
01/17/2021 07:07
back out with pops @olefroseth ❄️☃️???????? snow much fuuuun
01/05/2021 06:00
HELLOOO 2021????may this be a year filled with love and wealth ( big checks lol) in self and health mentally & physically. May it be a year of pursuing more experiences and challenges, but knowing that productivity doesnt determine your worth. May it be a year of staying present in more moments and exploring new depths. May it be a year of more trust, compassion for oneself and others and knowing that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength; you are not a burden. We are not alone. We are together. ❤️????????????????????????????
01/03/2021 12:10
life be like......... @dennylove4real if 2020 was a person
12/30/2020 09:14
Starry eyed look by the one and only @cyndlekomarovski ❤️ using ???? find out what products were used on @welovecoco ????
12/27/2020 09:41
missing winter wonderland magic & blessings with @chanelofficial fam ❄️❤️❄️❤️❄️????❤️
12/26/2020 07:29

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