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Latest search history revealed. Thanks to @the.realshit.gyan ???????? . . Cracked me up early this morning :) loved how my day begun ❤️ #malariahua
11/20/2020 05:39
Sometimes you find the light, sometimes the light finds you :) #sunshinegirl #alwaysandforever #bts #taish #arfa Watch TAISH now on @zee5premium :)
11/19/2020 07:31
You know there’s magic when u feel a lil something in your heart while shooting a scene :) one such moment from the sets of #taish :) Watch #taish on @zee5premium ❤️ #arfa
11/16/2020 05:29
To a happy today and a happier tomorrow! May this Diwali light up your soul and give u the strength to be the light in someone else’s life :) to hope, happiness, prosperity and growth :) #happydiwali ❤️
11/14/2020 02:24
Have u guys watched #taish yet!? Head over to @zee5premium and indulge ❤️ #taish #bts #arfa
11/12/2020 01:37
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11/11/2020 11:39
This day, 3 years ago, #smza happened, and life changed ❤️ A big thank u to the entire team, the audience, the fans, the supporters, the lovers! #3yearsofshaadimeinzarooraana ❤️
11/10/2020 02:49
Mood with a view :) #taish #rohan #arfa @zee5premium
11/10/2020 07:53
The cutest thing you’ll see on the Internet today! These two ???????????? @drogohusky @pulkitsamrat ❤️ #taishbuster (mine) ❤️ @dr.devanshidesai you’re the best teacher! ❤️ #Repost @pulkitsamrat with @make_repost ・・・ Jugalabandi with @drogohusky MY biggest #TaishBuster !! ???? ???? Announcing winners soon! Till then keep sending all your love for #Taish , Out Now on @zee5premium ! @bejoynambiar @kriti.kharbanda @iamsanjeeda @zoamorani @saloni_batra_ @jimsarbhforreal @harshvardhanrane @virafpp @saurabhsachdeva77 @armaankhera @harshviro @ankurratheeofficial @easemytrip @nishantpitti @shivanshuhere @sohamrockstrent
10/31/2020 11:45
They can cross all limits for their families. And they did. #AnythingForFamily #Taish Streaming Now @zee5premium! @bejoynambiar @pulkitsamrat @jimsarbhforreal @harshvardhanrane @iamsanjeeda @zoamorani @ankurratheeofficial @saloni_batra_ @harshviro @armaankhera @saurabhsachdeva77 @virafpp @easemytrip @nishantpitti @sohamrockstrent @deepakmukut @shivanshuhere @rikantpitti @zeemusiccompany
10/30/2020 02:43
Killing it with cuteness is my most favourite #taishbuster ❤️ @pulkitsamrat ???????? #taish coming to entertain u! Tomorrow, the 29th of October, only on @zee5premium ❤️ @bejoynambiar @harshviro @pulkitsamrat @jimsarbhforreal @harshvardhanrane @iamsanjeeda @zoamorani @ankurratheeofficial @saloni_batra_ @saurabhsachdeva77 @virafpp @armaankhera @easemytrip @nishantpitti @sohamrockstrent @deepakmukut @shivanshuhere @rikantpitti @zeemusiccompany
10/28/2020 10:28
Love is all it takes, sometimes :) #taish coming to entertain you on the 29th of October, only on @zee5premium #anythingforfamily @bejoynambiar @pulkitsamrat @jimsarbhforreal @harshvardhanrane @iamsanjeeda @zoamorani @ankurratheeofficial @saloni_batra_ @saurabhsachdeva77 @virafpp @armaankhera @easemytrip @nishantpitti @sohamrockstrent @deepakmukut @shivanshuhere @rikantpitti @zeemusiccompany
10/28/2020 09:31