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One of my fave outfits from my @justfabonline collection! Working on restocking some of your faves BUT in the meantime this cute number is now avail ???? stock up before more sells out, link in bio ???? #justfabambassador #ad
10/24/2019 12:14
10/23/2019 07:22
10/22/2019 04:43
Forever ❤️ . ???? @darlingjulietphoto
10/19/2019 06:08
Cuddles with my first born ???? #dogmom
10/18/2019 03:59
There’s a LOT to look forward to this fall and I can FINALLY share with you guys something I’ve been really excited about and working hard on! I’ve handpicked my fall must-haves and curated a collection for @justfabonline called Love, Lauren. Fall is by far my favorite time of year and I can’t wait for you all to style some of my favorite pieces for the season!! Everything is versatile, comfortable, classic and affordable and exactly what I personally needed to elevate my fall wardrobe and hopefully can help spice up yours. Shop the Love, Lauren collection through the link in my bio ???? #justfabambassador #ad
10/17/2019 04:42
Europe trip has officially come to an end and as homesick as I was after two weeks of traveling, watching you & your guys kill it night after night has been very, very cool and I couldn’t be more proud @iamchrislane ???? now- off to Nashville to see our son! ????
10/14/2019 09:25
✨ London tomorrow ✨
10/12/2019 01:19
Any other women out there who’ve spent most of their adult life ignoring their period or simply hoping it doesn’t come right before that big trip to the beach? As I’ve thought more and more about family planning and our future, I’ve been more interested in what’s actually happening throughout my cycle so when it does come time for kids, I’m able to track when I should be ovulating and overall be more in tune with my body. I’ve been wearing my @avawomen bracelet every night to monitor 5 physiological signals including my nightly temperature, stress, and breathing rate. How crazy is it that this tiny bracelet does all that?? Ive learned so much about my body from @avawomen and I highly recommend this savvy tool to anyone looking to learn more about their cycle or trying to conceive! Use code LAURENB for $20 off at #AvaPartner
10/11/2019 04:07
Date night ????
10/09/2019 12:15
(kind of blurry and not at all the most premium content) but between all the flights, bus trips and taxi rides over the past week, I’ve found myself looking back and forth between the world passing by out the window and you. And every single time I find myself feeling overwhelmingly grateful I get to experience this crazy life with you ????
10/08/2019 04:13
Can we talk about multivitamins for a second? I was taking a great probiotic and a few supplements but completely neglected a multivitamin until I found @ritual. Just two, vegan capsules per day with 9 essential nutrients makes taking your vitamins SO much more appealing (& did I mention they taste and smell like peppermint?). Also important: ritual contains methylated folate- something my doctor recently suggested I start taking since I plan on having kids someday. Another plus: ritual contains no fillers, colors, or shady additives. I basically cut my daily capsule intake from to 7 to 2 and cut down on waste from all the different packaging- to me that’s a win. Try it out for yourself and use BUSHNELL for 10% off your first 3 months. #ritualpartner #sponsored
10/06/2019 03:27

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