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esa niña e' intelligente, tan hermosa???? Dress: @alejandrocollection (do urself a favor and peep the first pic in my story lol y’all got jipped on the main page)
07/12/2020 03:28
I’ll be joining @wearemitu, @pabllovittar, @uriasss & @tatianahazel in partnership with @concienciacollective tonight at 7pm EST / 4pm PST to discuss LGBTQIA+, Black Trans Siblings & their importance to music and Latinx cultures. Moderating this week's talk is Dr. David Johns from The National Black Justice Coalition. Link in stories ????✨ #ccXmitu #ConcienciaCollective⁣ ⁣• • In this moment, I feel it's important as ever to acknowledge and address the deep racism that is embedded in the fabric of our social consiousness as a latinx community. We are all very aware of the subtle and not so subtle ways in which our history of colonialism, imperialism and the trans atlantic slave trade have affected the entire diaspora of South and Central Americas as well as the Caribbean nations. ⁣⁣ We as people see ourselves as separate from the Black Lives Matter movement, but that very thought is enabling the erasure of our afrolatinx brothers, sisters and siblings. They exist at the intersection of these issues and to use our voice in support of this movement is to support the very people who have bled and bred the culture we claim. Latinx cultures are built on the backbone of African and Indigenous tradition, influence, sound, gusto and culture. It is beyond time we acknowledge this truth and uplift our people in this fight against those who oppress people everywhere for the color of their skin. TRADUCCIÓN ESTA EN LOS COMENTARIOS✨
07/10/2020 11:07
Goodmorning! What a beautiful day to brush up on US history and economics to be equipped with the knowledge to change your, your parents, grandparents, coworkers, friends and neighbors racist ass mindsets. HAPPY LEARNING!????✨ and anytime someone tells you systemic racism isn’t a real thing, or that black people (and other marginalized groups) have put themselves into this situation because of their own fault or lack of work ethic, kindly sit their ignorant asses down and make them take a listen to this video???? “emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but our self can free our minds” -Bob Marley & The Wailer’s ‘Redemption Song’. Thank u @directorx for this post! @drmistercody @somemorenews
07/09/2020 07:10
07/08/2020 02:29
Taken by me under the overpass in Overtown. She shines her light on the people in the streets.
07/06/2020 06:22
There is a link to donate to indigenous mutual aid funds in my story. Will be reposting it a few times. There are still children in cages and families being separated. There are still a disproportionate amount of human beings being falsely arrested and sitting in prison today because they are poor. There are still people in prison for marijuana possession while the industry now grossed billions for the US. There are millions of newly unemployed citizens with no idea how they will pay their rent or feed themselves or their families. Millions more with no healthcare. Millions more with no home. Millions more who have been sexually assaulted and murdered in military bases or by the hands of armed forces that wave our flag. Millions more who have been systemically murdered by the police. Millions more who are in domestic abuse situations. While the government watches, while these politicians pay out large corporations with our collected tax dollars. While mama Gaia screams in pain. While we extract anyway. While we continue to claim this chunk of Turtle Island we call The United States of America as our own. While it continues to deny indigenous peoples the right to their own lands, violates treaties, and systemically murders and kidnaps indigenous women. While this for profit healthcare system continues to make money off a pandemic while millions have lost their health insurance. While women and children every day are being kidnapped bought and sold on the internet while websites like and profit off of it and are protected by our court systems? While those same systems exploit the impoverished and working class of this country? While black people are being murdered on camera with no justice? While there are still killer cops employed by our tax dollars? While there are detention centers? While there’s a such thing as private prisons? What land of the great? What freedom? For who? Ask yourself that before you pop off those fire works that will likely trigger a Vet on the street’s PTSD. Fuck your fourth. There is no freedom until we are ALL free.
07/04/2020 08:34
Arrest Brett Hankinson, Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove for the murder of Breonna Taylor. How tf are you gonna create an actual law in her name to prevent these types of slaughters and then not follow suit with action against the officers who perpetrated this crime? I’m so sick and fucking tired of the bullshit. It’s been over 100 days since Breonna’s murder. We know what they look like, we know their names, we know the story, @danieljaycameron do the right thing please. So far, only Brett Hankinson has been fired. That’s it, only fired. And the other two have been placed on reassignment so they no longer get to be militant foot-soldiers. All three of these individuals need to be arrested, tried by a jury of BREONNA’s peers and convicted of murder.
07/02/2020 05:58
A proud ass pansexual cancerian queen???? (But this outfit is giving you my Scorpio Moon and Leo rising AF) Happy Pride???? and thank you @pabllovittar for having me today???????? (Hair, makeup and styling by yours truly)
06/29/2020 05:40
Happy 24th birthday to you, you beautiful soul. 24 years of holding your hand through this wild wild ride of life. I love you more than I ever have. I laugh with you, protect you, believe in you and trust you more than I ever have. 2020 has been one of the most life changing of our entire existence and although it has rocked the world to its core, it has absolutely created the space to move into this new year as the next level up of woman you intend to be in this lifetime. 23 was full of lessons, 23 was about understanding yourself without doubt or question or guilt. 23 was about forgiveness and healing the wounds that had stung for so long. 23 was about finding the things that hurt and looking at them with love, patience, kindness and acceptance. 23 was about learning to believe in ourselves regardless of the noise. 23 was about creating an unapologetic unbreakable bond with spirit and our ancestors and making sure that the trust is always in the process and in them. 23 was about healing generational curses that held us back from our full potential. I am so grateful for all of the blessings, for the opportunity to make music that I love, to be surrounded by such pure love from my friends, family and team, for the opportunity to have a voice that has meant something to even one person. I am overwhelmed by the blessings and I invite and declare that everything that is meant for me will find me when God sees fit. I have faith, I see clearly, my gifts are sharpening, my heart is resilient and may We continue to learn and grow and find ourselves in this strange world. Thank you for all the beautiful wishes of love. I see you, I feel you and I appreciate you more than I can put into words! Cheers to you mama, let’s make 24 the best one yet????✨ (photos by @jordenkeith shot over FaceTime during quarantine)
06/28/2020 01:11
CGI Lauren on cover 5 out of 7 for @papermagazine ‘s PRIDE issue! In conversation with @chikalogy about queerness, ally ship and the state of the world rn. Thank you for this opportunity @papermagazine i love y’all so much. I hope you take the time to read the conversation! Link is in my story and twitter!
06/26/2020 06:28
Thank you for everything you’ve taught me about myself and about the world. We love you so much????✨ Happy Father’s Day @mikejauregui24
06/21/2020 10:04
@itstanianicole thank you for this informative graphic! HAPPY JUNETEENTH! We celebrate freedom by honoring the ancestors who fought for it, who were denied it even after being freed, who’s descendants continue to fight for it today under this behemoth that is white supremacy. I honor all the indigenous and original peoples that went through the atrocity of slavery; those who survived and those who did not. I pray for their descendants and I pray for us all to finally grant what is owed!! If you have the money, please consider donating today to @thelovelandfoundation that’s where I will be sending what I can today and making a monthly commitment. Started by @rachel.cargle it is a fund that helps black women access therapy and I think that’s where all our reparations need to be going, honestly. Black women, girls & nbs deserve a safe space to heal more than anything right now. The link will be in my story and it is also tagged in the last slide! @thelovelandfoundation ✨
06/19/2020 07:19