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Florida’s pay-to-vote system stops formerly convicted individuals with fines and fees from voting. All too often, formerly convicted Floridians aren’t able to vote because of court fines and fees - a barrier that could impact the outcome of the election. Follow @flrightsrestore to find out more about how we can all help change this or visit #FreeTheVote
09/22/2020 03:16
Meet the latest conspiracy theory: ‘extinction denial’ ???? Learn more by tapping the link in the @worldeconomicforum’s bio.
09/19/2020 07:14
All In: The Fight For Democracy featuring @staceyabrams is available on Prime Video today. From @allinthefilm: Every voice matters. Every vote counts. @staceyabrams #AllInForVoting
09/19/2020 12:33
Voting is an integral part of our democracy. Facebook allows disinformation to once again undermine this institution. For the sake of our nation and our future, Facebook needs to take action and #StopHateForProfit.⁣ ⁣ Register to vote now at
09/18/2020 05:31
This. Register to vote. From @NRDC_org President Gina McCarthy: “These devastating extreme weather disasters will only get more intense and more frequent if we don’t take bold climate action now. We need leaders who understand that and have concrete plans to do so. @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris are those leaders. Vote.”
09/18/2020 01:05
Facebook continues to recommend groups and posts that promote disinformation and glorify violence to its users. This has gone on for years and the platform has yet to take meaningful action. Enough is enough. Please join me in signing this petition to tell Facebook it’s time to #StopHateForProfit. Visit (link in bio and story)
09/17/2020 08:31
An important reminder from @SachaBaronCohen of why I will be pausing my Facebook and Instagram for 24 hours starting tomorrow alongside @ColorofChange, @ADL_National, the @NAACP, @GLAAD and many others.
09/16/2020 12:49
I’m standing with the country’s leading civil rights organizations - including @ColorofChange, @ADL_National, and the @NAACP - who today have called on all users of Instagram and Facebook to protest the amplification of hate, racism, and the undermining of democracy on those platforms. I do use Instagram and Facebook, but I want it to be a force for good - not hate, violence, and disinformation. This should be an opportunity for Facebook to work with these organizations and the community at large to make it a better, safer platform for all. Please join me in not posting for 24 hours this Wednesday Sep 16. #StopHateforProfit #Instafreeze
09/15/2020 01:26
The last five years have been the hottest on record. ???? Read more by tapping the link in the @WorldEconomicForum's bio #cycling #transport #travel #environment #sdi20
09/14/2020 09:05
From @cnnclimate: Summer wildfires in the Arctic exceeded last year’s records for CO2 emissions by more than a third, according to scientists from the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS). While experts said the fires' ignition sources were uncertain, they are sure climate change is playing a major role. “We know that the rate of change of temperature and climate variables in the high northern latitude is two to three times faster than the global average,” said senior scientist at CAMS, Mark Parrington. “These fires are symptomatic of that: It's warmer, when the fires are being ignited, they are able to burn and grow for a long period of time uninterrupted.“ (????: Yevgeny Sofroneyev/Tass/Getty Images)⁠
09/12/2020 07:37
From @sierraclub: Our hearts are with California communities and the career, incarcerated, and formerly incarcerated firefighters battling uncharacteristic fires in the state amid a global pandemic and record-breaking heatwaves. The climate crisis, racial injustice, and public health are interlinking issues and we cannot afford to address one crisis at a time. Thanks to @greenpeaceusa for their blog post on the intersecting crises and how to respond. Read more at the link in the @sierraclub’s bio. Photo credit: Michael Routh
09/10/2020 08:41
We all need to make a plan to vote now. If you want to #VoteByMail, request deadlines are right around the corner. I’ve teamed up with @WhenWeAllVote for #RequestYourBallotDay to make sure everyone gets their ballot on time. Find out how to request yours now at (or click the link in my bio).
09/10/2020 06:08