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she’s bored ????
09/08/2020 11:32
banana split is officially on @netflix !! enjoy @hannahgmarks’s and I have a torrid summer affair. love u @dylansprouse but she’s mine ????????
07/28/2020 12:10
and bad girls go to gucci
07/06/2020 03:04
same girl, same bucket hat
05/29/2020 04:57
two little quarantine beans ????
05/26/2020 09:03
my homage to maggie ???? rainbow power suit for #tothestars international premiere ✨ (b&w version now available everywhere)
05/01/2020 09:47
home series ???? / @cori.elliott_
04/26/2020 10:16
to the stars is officially out in the world! we shot this movie in 20 days in oklahoma two years ago. there is a lot of love and heart behind this movie. I’m so grateful to everyone who played a part in getting it made. while I am sad our initial release will not be in black and white I do believe this movie is so beautiful and important. it’s an intimate, slice of life, film about the suppression of women and their voices in the 1960s. It’s important for myself, as a woman, to fight for these stories and make sure they are being put out there for people to see and know they exist. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. ~~ @partyheartymarty (our director) thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be your maggie. your vision for this movie will never be lost on me and the cast. you have a bright future ahead of you and I’m so lucky to know you. ✨????✨????
04/24/2020 10:04
04/18/2020 11:55
night in with @coach #CoachNY ????
04/10/2020 11:32
to the stars / available april 24 (appletv, amazon, itunes, googleplay, vudu, fandangonow) directed by @partyheartymarty @thekarahayward @jordanaspiro @sheawhigham @mrtonyhale @malinakerman @radelaideclemens @lucasjzumann @madisenbeaty @prncesscool @lauren_stephenson @wilde_woman_ @elledsmith
04/01/2020 08:35
banana split is officially out TODAY! link in my bio to order! hope you all have so much fun watching it! ????✨
03/27/2020 07:40