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Taking this cowboy tub & backyard baths to a new level while await my new hot water heater...I’m very popular on my street now ???? That Texas blizzard was a doozy and luckily and gratefully, came out pretty unscathed, minus a broken water heater and a dead car battery. Inconveniences but overall, so grateful that me, britz, my home & fam & friends were mostly all ok! I’ve been donating to a couple charities here and in honor of my birthday would love to post one for y’all to donate to, if you can & desire to! I’ll be linking on my bday on the 27th ????????✨♥️
02/26/2021 12:59
Another year around the sun is coming up ????... Missing my friends & music festivals & cos playing Cher Horowitz. Even though life is looking a whole lot different than before I am still birthday wishing for health and safety and healing joy to our world now ✨
02/24/2021 11:32
I got Texas in my soul... . . . What an insane whirlwind we’ve been having! Prayers for anyone and everyone who is being impacted right now. ???????? Has a great list of resources if you need help and hopefully you even have power to read this ???????? and word is we are on the end of this! Hopefully, by today/tonight power will be restored ✨
02/18/2021 08:01
Reboot this ✨
02/17/2021 07:15
Really wouldn’t mind being back in Thailand right about now........
02/17/2021 12:24
Happy Valentine’s Day from us to @uniquelyyou ???????? ♥️ show your gut some love with our yummy apple cider vinegar gummies!!
02/14/2021 07:54
She likes bourbon at a joint like this. New @thecwwalker tonight 8/7c
02/11/2021 07:35
The circle is light ✨but expansive. I am so grateful for all the supportive and positive friendships and interactions I am blessed with. Especially, all the sweet things you guys write me ???? I’m a bit in my feels today, but I just want to say thank you ✨????????
02/10/2021 10:17
Ready for the next evolution ???? @nextbigthingmag @farrahaviva @studioaviva
02/10/2021 12:32
Southern hospitality, always✨ . . . Link in the bio for @nextbigthingmag
02/08/2021 09:37
Team SassyBoots or Team HoytRawlins? What’d y’all think of @thecwwalker last night?!
02/06/2021 03:09
Season 2 & the back 5! You guys!!!! You did it!!!! So much gratitude to my @thecwwalker fam, I’m so elated to keep playing with this wonderful cast of weirdos & to my @thecw & @cbstv @viacomcbs family for having us & to everyone tuning in!!! And you guys tuned in ???????????? ????????????muchos gracias & muchos tacos! ????????????????????????????
02/04/2021 04:23

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