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Everyone has permission to unfollow me bruh omggg ???? no Facetune hoe ayeeeee
09/15/2020 10:17
What’s two things you wish could change *right now* for the better? ***I deleted the rest of my caption cus I ain’t want y’all arguing in my comments.. but ima leave the last part— I’d wish that everyone would stop politicizing the earth... like bro... what does that say about us when forest fires and clean air are a bipartisan debate?
09/15/2020 08:14
Would y’all watch my cooking show?? ????
09/14/2020 01:26
We still say their names. This is not a political post, this is a reminder that human rights aren’t given to everyone. Read their names, read their stories, read their last words and remember we were promised liberty and justice for ALL. Can you make good on that promise, America? #VOTE
09/13/2020 07:46
Did my makeup again ????
09/13/2020 12:25
B’lizzo is back bby
09/11/2020 05:50
Its my moms bday and her dream is to be a drag queen for a day. How did we do? @marko_monroe @iwantalexx @theshelbyswain
09/11/2020 05:35
09/10/2020 06:40
My worst nightmare happened yesterday... I slowed it down so y’all can see.. I can still feel him on my back
09/07/2020 08:13
The back looks EVEN BETTER! I’m done w myself ????
09/05/2020 10:25
Sick of bein this sexy tbh ????
09/05/2020 10:16
Made ya look
09/03/2020 06:15