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10/18/2020 02:07
happy #spiritday!! its my 4th year wearing purple today ~ and I encourage you to join me as well???? To my generation, and anyone needing to hear - it’s okay to be who you are. no matter your background, race, religion, ability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. wear purple with me today to share some xtra loveee????#spiritday #ChooseKindness @millionlittlethingsabc
10/15/2020 05:56
take 5
10/12/2020 08:15
you're the sunflowaaaa????
10/02/2020 07:37
check out my vid with @marieclairemag // full video link in bio ????✨
09/19/2020 06:35
09/16/2020 07:36
premiered 6 years ago today❤️
09/14/2020 06:50
some bts of what morning prep looks like!???? im told pretty often to sit still
09/10/2020 12:43
finished the first week of filming and still getting our mandatory covid tests - but its a pleasure to spend a 3rd year with these lovely people???? missing the rest of the gang and also missing when I was taller than my little bro. :,( amlt comes back at the end of the year!
09/05/2020 05:38
this is cash. may or may not have become a horse girl.
09/01/2020 10:44
my fam calls these my "mailman shoes"
08/26/2020 12:36
no needles today????????????????
08/19/2020 01:53