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happy 19th sis ! !????????‍♀️???? @rieledowns your an angel who's personality is only outmatched by your kindness, and im so thankful to have you in my life. forever happy the stars alined in favor of our friendship - its been a pleasure glowin up together (⁎˃ᆺ˂) love love you????????‍♀️????????‍♀️
07/08/2020 09:40
07/05/2020 06:29
07/03/2020 10:15
????????‍♀️????how are you guys?
06/23/2020 09:51
happy birfdayd berna ! there are few people on earth that I would willingly jump off a cliff with ~ you are one of them. lets get the band back together after quarantine. love you v v much????????‍♀️???? @breannayde
06/12/2020 12:47
I spent the day painting this. (heavily inspired by the portrait of Ruby Bridges) On may 25th George Floyd was robbed of his life by a man with his hands in his pockets : completely calm. We are so far from a peaceful society, but reversing that starts with educating yourself and others on the importance of equality. WE need love. we NEED love. we need LOVE. I truly hope we can see the day where these situations are no more. until then we all have one universal fight against hate, and NO ONE should sit on the sidelines. ✊????✊????✊????✊????✊????
06/01/2020 04:03
a distanced picnic ????????????????????????
05/23/2020 07:06
I’m joining forces with @FacebookApp and @Instagram for a livestream to celebrate grads from all over the country for #Graduation2020! Don’t miss it today at 11a PT/2p ET:
05/15/2020 08:45
lately the days go by like : 11am, 3pm, 1am ????
05/15/2020 06:30
????????did braids for todays big plans : standing in the kitchen, then the living room, then (if I have the time) i'll go stand outside. pretty exciting
05/09/2020 12:06
quarantine sweventeen????made some homemade cake and lemonade for my crew, and am virtually sharing it with you guys as well! it will forever blow my mind the amount of love and support I receive from you all. I started all this 7 years ago, and time really flies when you got awesome teammates helping you succeed. im truly grateful for everything :,) - and I wanna hug you all !! tytyty????????????
05/01/2020 05:39
04/27/2020 03:46