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. . . No sunbathing for me today ???? this is forever my favourite corner of zen thank you @modafurnishings ???? they have a current sale on Use code EXTRA5 for 5% across the whole site #ModaFurnishings #Modavation and #Modavate #ad
09/07/2021 06:25
And then there were three… ❤️ Welcome to the world, We are utterly overwhelmed with love
09/05/2021 04:38
This could be us. . But your arms don’t fit around me anymore ???????? @bennnyy__
08/25/2021 05:27
When your best friend is a photographer. . @tylerfayosephotography ❤️ so special to share these precious moments with you x #maternityphotography if you’re nervous about taking photos, but you would love natural, no pressure memories in the comfort of your own home . . He is your guy ????
08/05/2021 10:39
As I did a reel when I didn’t even really have a bump ???? I thought I’d do another one to look back on, I’ve had loads of lovely messages about what I’ve been wearing during pregnancy, to be honest I’ve worn the same few dresses most days! So here are a few, these are all a few sizes up from @nobodyschild I just found the majority of their items work on bumps. Thanks @nicolelevypr for #gifting me and for making me feel like I can look half presentable on the odd occasion in the past few months! What are your favourite brands for bumps? ????????
08/02/2021 03:39
Comfort is ????
07/29/2021 09:23
07/27/2021 08:44
Nursery pending ????????????????
07/24/2021 07:01
My mum, she created the most special day, thank you for all that you do for me, but especially this ❤️ I am so proud of you ❤️
07/18/2021 05:08
We were meant to be in Italy, but this weekend we managed to make it to Kent. To be honest there isn’t much room left for all the pasta I was going there for. We have had such an amazing few days, we just needed to get out of the house and stop doing. it’s crazy that the only way we know how to switch off is to run away, but it’s worked a treat ❤️???? a few days of walks, food and no doubt football tonight with my boys ???????????? Anyone else’s brain in overdrive in the #thirdtrimester?! My 4am notepad is my new best friend ????
07/03/2021 09:48

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