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guess what I’m listening to
07/02/2020 03:06
Happy happy happy birthday @camimendes !!! I love u with my whole heart lil squish ❤️❤️❤️
06/29/2020 08:45
06/26/2020 01:05
Yesterday we peacefully protested and came together to listen, learn, and fight for change. I cannot describe how powerful and emotional it was to be surrounded by thousands of people, united by a cause. I wanted to share a couple standout quotes from the speeches we heard, to pass along these words as I continue to learn: “We become remarkable when we fight for freedom, when we fight for justice, when we fight for liberation” “It is time for us all to come out of our fear and into our power.” Let’s start a productive conversation below. What have you learned recently that you can pass along? Let’s continue to spread knowledge, stay informed, and be seekers of justice. #blacklivesmatter #defundthepolice #jackielaceymustgo #prosecutekillercops
06/04/2020 09:26
In support of #BlackOutTuesday, I felt it was important to share this to my feed and use this time to listen, learn, and educate ourselves. I will continue spreading messages on my stories throughout the day so can keep up this momentum and push towards real and permanent change ❤️
06/02/2020 07:24
10/10 chance I got sunburnt taking this photo
05/26/2020 09:17
05/20/2020 10:22
*pinching myself rn* never did I think I would be on such an iconic and groundbreaking show as The Simpsons, especially this early on and even more so with some of my besties, but tonight’s the night!!! watch me live out my english 8 year old dreams on a new episode of The Simpson’s. ????
05/10/2020 10:00
don’t miss the season finale of riverdale tonight!!! ???? ???? ???? ????
05/06/2020 09:52
The Met Gala 2020 would’ve been today, in honor let’s go camping down memory lane to 2019 ????‍♀️
05/04/2020 07:38
no poppies were harmed in the making of this photo ???? ????
04/29/2020 09:33
right before I ran back inside to put another layer of sunscreen on
04/22/2020 01:45