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LA LA LAND!!! my whole entire childhood???????? @ddlovato i love u !! link in bioooo for the whole video
04/12/2021 01:17
literally can’t believe it. i could scream!! thank you 100000x. ???????? i couldn’t have done this show without @legacy3official for setting up the INSANE live arrangements and flying out to perform with me, you guys are seriously the most talented people i’ve ever met. @jonahnimoy for coming in last minute to play guitar and absolutely kill it. @theroxy for letting me play at their venue. a venue i’ve been to so many times to see my favorite artists perform, and an insanely ICONIC venue. @thatoneblondkid for putting the show together and turning my exact vision into a reality. the set up is exactly how i envisioned it and i’m still so obsessed. @geraldtennison and @whateverlane for helping orchestrate everything, there’s absolutely no way i could’ve did this without you guys. @siiickbrain for coming and performing with me for the first time EVER and absolutely killing it. @fender for the gear, you are the loml. for the insane corset top, i love you guys. and THANK YOU @nocapshows for putting this show on and making it possible. you guys have been so amazing through it all. AND LASTLY to my amazing fans who i would literally die for. i love you guys more than anything and none of anything would be possible without YOU. you make me better and push me to always be the best version of myself and i am so grateful. i love you thank you
04/11/2021 01:48
TOMORROW TOMORROW TOMORROW AHHH TELL ME UR EXCITED RN !!!!!!!! ???????????? @ifeellikeimgoingtodream2night
04/08/2021 10:57
we’ll see u at my show on friday???? link in bioooo
04/06/2021 09:22
ONE WEEK AWAY!! i wanna scream!!! who’s tuning in?? link in my bio for tickets ????????????
04/02/2021 09:45
@vmagazine ????
04/01/2021 09:04
???? @evanescenceofficial
03/28/2021 12:40
i have angels on my side // who’s tuning into the PARANOIA LIVESTREAM CONCERT?? @ifeellikeimgoingtodream2night
03/22/2021 10:17
03/20/2021 11:10
there have been over 3,800 anti-Asian racist incidents over JUST this past year. this is heartbreaking. this didn’t start with covid, this has been going on forever. i am so sorry.
03/18/2021 01:32
ticket link in bio!!
03/15/2021 12:46
03/12/2021 08:00

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