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First day filming today and already in love with this project. I can’t wait for you to meet Kathy.. ????
05/14/2021 04:49
That time I ran around Cape Town taking pictures for Chloe’s ‘Instagram’, she’s way better at it than me ???? 3 months until KB 3!! ???? @thekissingboothnetflix
05/13/2021 02:54
DREAMS DO COME TRUE! Still pinching myself ???????? I cannot express how grateful I am to my @cw_legendsoftomorrow family, @warnerbrostv, @phil.klemmer, @gberlanti and @suchthecharmed1 for making this possible. This also happens to be one of my favourite Legends scripts of all time, written by the wonderful @rayutar and Marcelena Campos Mayhorn. I can’t wait to take you on this adventure.. ????✨
04/11/2021 09:40
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the light and love of my life ???? you make it all worth it.???? @iamclayofficial
04/05/2021 01:46
That one time I acted with my mum on @cw_legendsoftomorrow.. ???? Today it’s Mother’s Day in the UK. I could not be more grateful to have a mother who inspires me, guides me, and is the rainbow in any cloud. But today I’m also celebrating and supporting mothers like Hok in Cambodia, who are on the frontline of tacking climate change. Hok is a farmer and her family’s crop has been destroyed by prolonged droughts and subsequent flash flooding. Like most people in her village, Hok has taken out numerous loans to make ends meet. This year, she raised money alongside other @actionaiduk Women Champions to rehabilitate an irrigation canal so that her community can continue growing rice during the dry season.   The climate crisis is here, and it is worsening – as the devastating floodwaters rise in vulnerable countries around the world. With a gift to @ActionAidUK, you can help support the training of more Women Champions, so that they can take the lead in the fight against the devastating climate crisis, creating a better future not just for their children, but for all of us. Every pound you give will be matched by the UK Government. Follow the link in @ActionAidUK’s bio to learn more about their She Is the Answer campaign. ❤️ #ActionAidUK #SheIsTheAnswer #UKAidMatch #Cambodia #climatecrisis
03/15/2021 06:16
In honour of Breonna Taylor, call your Senators to support the passing of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. This crucial bill will end qualified immunity, an abolishment that is critically needed to hold officers liable for their actions, and reduce police racial bias and violence against people of color. We all have the power to demand change. ????#justiceforbreonnataylor (Swipe, and visit @naacp_ldf for more information)
03/14/2021 02:46
Women. The backbone of society. Here’s to you all day, every day. ???? ???? @floravnegri
03/09/2021 04:34
Taking myself out on a date is one of my favourite things. Closely followed by colour coordinating with the flowers I buy for myself. ????
02/16/2021 08:56
SO excited for this!! is a black + queer platform for storytelling, literature resources, incredible speakers and intersectional conversation. I was lucky enough to attend one of these events pre lockdown, and to watch my sister @drybabe grow this much needed space over the last few years. Please join us ✨
02/16/2021 12:47
Missing this force of nature ????☠️ @cw_legendsoftomorrow
01/05/2021 09:10
**donation link in my bio** I’m joining forces with @hitlivingfoundation to raise 500 books for @assistanceleagueoflosangeles, a fantastic organisation that supports under privileged, homeless and foster children in LA. With over 18000 identified homeless children in LAUSD and 34% of children living under the poverty line, the Assistance League do crucial and life changing work. Please join me and spread some joy this holiday season! I appreciate every one of you????
12/19/2020 11:48
sunflowers and other musings part 1. “I wrote this song during a time in my life when I felt completely outside of myself, my body. I didn’t identity with my physical form and would often dissociate. we wanted to explore this sentiment by using water, an element so pure, cleansing, wise, ethereal, yet one that we don’t have the ability to exist in. We sought to create a disorienting juxtaposition of two worlds, hope you enjoy”????????‍♀️ @iamclayofficial Music by @iamclayofficial @rojojado @okayshades Directed/shot/edited by myself
12/18/2020 11:25

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