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T o X I c ????????‍♀️
09/22/2021 06:54
I liked this wallpaper…????????????‍♀️➡️
09/18/2021 12:44
A new era … @wwenxt ????????‍♀️
09/15/2021 07:11
You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress. ????????????
09/11/2021 12:24
This is just the beginning. NO ONE messes up my face, you will pay @sarray_wwe. - I came to @wwenxt to show these woman what it takes to become a MAINSTREAM superstar and this is how I’m treated?? My first match and she goes after my money maker?? Oh no no hunnyyyyyy ????????????
09/08/2021 09:31
Tonight’s the night ????!! @wwenxt 8pm EST on @usa_network - Don’t miss it! Gotta show these women what a MAINSTREAM SUPERSTAR looks like ????????????????????????????????????????????
08/31/2021 09:02
Woke up feeling SO grateful???????? ALL 2.9M of y’all!! ????????????????????❤️????????????????❤️‍????#BLESSED
08/29/2021 03:58
Ignite Your Fire???? @c4energy #igniteyourfire????
08/24/2021 09:40
A hotel with great lighting makes me happy???????? @circalasvegas Also want to thank @n8fitness for getting my butt back in check the last few months. I always train hard but I also love food, wine & donuts very much so getting that diet on point really paid off❗️???????? #mondaymotivation
08/23/2021 07:13
Reunited and it feels sooo good! ???? @ashasebera_danabrooke ????
08/21/2021 02:57

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