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I live for the “nostalgia“ of this new collaboration with my friend,the iconic Busta!!!! Watch the video for WHERE I BELONG ???????????????????? @bustarhymes
04/16/2021 02:22
Happy Bday BT!!! ♥️♈️????
04/12/2021 10:01
The Easter Bunny just left! ????????Thank you EB! ????????????????????????????
04/04/2021 05:19
04/04/2021 01:52
#Sweetheart327 !!!!!????❤️
03/28/2021 11:43
Happy Birthday Ms. Diana Ross "The Boss"!!! ???? @DianaRoss
03/26/2021 07:40
Happy DIVA week!!!! Highlighting some of my favorite moments w/these incredible timeless QUEENS of everything!!!!! Enjoy! And LOVE to all the “Typical Aries” (said like Ms. Franklin) in all the land! Happy Birthday Queen of Soul!
03/25/2021 07:06
Happy St.Patrick’s Day to All The Lambs in The Land!!!#throwback☘️????????????
03/17/2021 03:57
Notorious B.I.G. Rest in Power! “Sky’s The Limit” ????????
03/09/2021 07:05
Happy International Women’s Day!!!! Queen Oprah ???? @oprah Thank you for holding us tight when we are broken,lifting up our stories through all kinds of calamity and CASTES! (See my studded cast/sling ?! LOL )???????????????????? #InternationalWomensDay #MeaningOfMariahCarey #Caste #MeghanandHarryonOprah
03/09/2021 06:20
The 7 minute extended version of "We Belong Together" is available everywhere now! I hope you enjoy our lil' impromptu late night session ????????????️???????? And to the #Lambily... thank you so much for the incredible feedback. You're giving me life as always !!!!! I'm so glad we are experiencing this new musical moment together with the extended version of WBT! You have no idea how grateful I am for you! You INSPIRE me (word O the week/month LOL) I love you ❤️
02/18/2021 02:19
Happy early Valentine's Day! ???????????? Hope you like the new rendition of "We Belong Together" that I performed today on @livekellyandryan after a late night jam session with my band! ???????????????? Believe it or not, we actually recorded a 7 minute version of this song ???????? thinking of putting it out for the lambily! ????????
02/12/2021 06:12

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