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So honored to be apart of this! Check it out @danieljohnstonofficial @electricladystudios The long-playing video tribute will premiere tonight -- Friday, September 11th -- at 9pm EST. Please direct viewers to to watch.
09/11/2020 09:44
I did this silly rambling free association thing In woods while filming the video for generous has almost nothing to do with the video which premieres tomorrow at 12pm eastern time on youtube. I’ll be answering any questions you may have live. Link below
08/18/2020 10:26
Music video for Generous Heart premiers on YouTube on Wednesday August 19 at 12pm...I’ll be answering questions live just before and during the release.
08/17/2020 08:16
06/02/2020 08:26
Now is the time to follow the lead of the black lives matter movement. And it has always been, and always will be the time. The violence police are perpetrating on protesters is unacceptable. The police instigating violence is unacceptable. Calling what citizens are doing “looting” while the government is sending billions of dollars to bail out companies and can hardly put $1200 in the pockets of family’s who have to decide if they want to eat or keep their home this month, is unacceptable. Accusing protesters, who are fighting for their lives, of spreading the corona virus, while shooting tear gas at them which causes coughing and spitting, the primary ways the virus is spread, is unacceptable. Sitting passively by while this continues Is unacceptable. What some people are doing to Help and support each other, what some organizations are doing to help and support us all, is heroic. Please direct donations to these incredible people. If you feel powerless and don’t know how to help. This is a good way to start. #blacklivesmatter
06/01/2020 05:37
Live and freezing
05/27/2020 09:54
New song out now, So Long ;)
05/20/2020 04:49
@sarahslutsky @wonderland no humans were touched in the making of this cover. So excited for the opportunity to talk about my album though. Thank you.
05/12/2020 12:20
@willafitz is rocking the By Myself tee shirt with a cup of tea in SOLO quarantine. Link in bio.
05/08/2020 07:33
Check out this amazing song SOMETHING IN THE MOVIES by @samiatheband I was in the video with @charliefplummer
04/29/2020 06:27
A week ago I put out a song called coverage. My brother and sisters and our friend Benny did a make shift live recording of it from where we are quarantining together. Camera work and direction by @ethanhawke
04/28/2020 08:23
My new song Coverage is out everywhere now. Give it a listen wherever you get your music. Blush is out June 19th. You can preorder on my website (link in bio)
04/22/2020 07:31