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currently listening to Taylor Swift on repeat????☀️????????????????
04/09/2021 09:24
First of many secrets I can finally share!!The MINI-PUFTS!????I screamed the first time I saw these cute little guys. Don’t miss #GhostbustersAfterlife only in theaters this fall???? PS-CANNOT WAIT to finally go back to the movies????????
04/07/2021 06:49
04/03/2021 01:07
So excited to have voiced Abigail Stone for Dreamwork’s Spirit Untamed????Only in theaters June 4. Also, the first time I saw this trailer I completely fan-girled hearing Taylor’s version of Wildest Dreams????❤️ SWIFTIE FOREVEERR
03/31/2021 09:24
April 28 #HandmaidsTale
03/31/2021 05:00
The first time I read this script I cried my eyes out, same with the second time... and the third...????I can’t wait to work on this film and I’m so excited to work with Disney Plus for the 1st time!
03/18/2021 10:59
We don’t hide, we fight????The Handmaid’s Tale returns April 28 on Hulu. Honored and excited to be part of this season!
02/26/2021 11:26
Gizmo Fruitsnack DiCaprio ????Swipe to see his dance moves
02/16/2021 10:51
Finn’s driving had us like ???????????????? #Repost @jasonreitman ・・・ Ghost sighting. Also... Flight Suits. Also... Finn’s hair. Thanks @empiremagazine!
01/21/2021 10:32
12/19/2020 04:56
I know I haven’t been very active on here so I wanted to say hi ????and share these photos. I call them me and birds: a series (with an appearance by William Shakespeare the baby snake at the end) *Disclaimer* I thoroughly washed my hands after this unexpected, but welcomed greeting
12/05/2020 04:38
Thank you @people for including me in your one’s to watch issue...on stands today❤️ Mema’s favorite magazine was People, so it was special to have her be a part of it too.
10/02/2020 07:26

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