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Mini vlog from last week! There was a lot of streaming on twitch, songwriting with Cooper, and a quick trip to Atlanta✨
04/05/2021 03:45
Happy Easter y’all ????????
04/05/2021 02:28
Wind: 1 Megan: 0
04/03/2021 12:19
Today’s nice weather called for a mini outdoor photoshoot????worth it even though my allergies hate me ????
03/27/2021 05:03
Feels like there’s been a lot of gloomy days in Nashville, and I’m so ready for more sunshine☀️ps, it’s been a while and I hope you are doing well, sending you love
03/24/2021 03:03
hi happy sunday, I’m still obsessed with coffee soda...hope you are having a nice weekend ✨I slept in to like 11 today and it was so nice.
02/28/2021 09:10
New profile pic ????I’m currently not in a super cute pink suit, but in leggings and one of cooper’s hoodies I stole. Just finished make-shift sledding with a plastic box lid and playing fetch with the dogs in the snow. Do not recommend for safety reasons sliding down a snowy hill on a lid, but it was fun lol.
02/18/2021 03:12
happy love day y’all ❤️
02/15/2021 03:37
hi, here’s my face really close up lol❤️it was fun to plan some valentines photoshoots❤️ I can’t remember the last actual shoot I did that wasn’t just a self timer or cooper
02/10/2021 06:44
Hello? Why yes, I do love a good theme ❤️
02/06/2021 10:10
I shared a blog recently about some at home Valentine’s Day date ideas ✨One of those ideas was an indoor picnic and now that I have this blanket I think I will do that soon...all I’m missing is cheese. Lots of cheese...
02/06/2021 04:40
Don’t mind me, just going to continue with a valentines theme here for a bit ????
02/04/2021 10:21

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