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Tonight at 7pm click the link in my bio to watch my show “Dating Secrets” with tonight’s guest @sofia_bevarly @unrulyagency #datingadvice #dating #love #models #relationships
04/14/2021 01:17
Happy Sunday!! Click the link in my bio ???? #sweats #croptops @unrulyagency
04/12/2021 01:06
04/10/2021 11:21
Today I did a photo shoot with my favorite photographer @studio977 Spray tan by @goldenglowla To see more videos and photos of our shoot, click on the link in my bio through out the month. #bikini #tan #spraytan
04/09/2021 10:46
What’s one thing you would change about your body? I would change my height! I’ve always wanted to be 5’5 but my short ass is 5’2. But they do say we are “fun size” I wonder why? ????????
04/09/2021 04:38
I did a juice cleanse for the first time this week and in the second day already lost two pounds. It actually gave me tons of energy and made me feel less bloated. Getting all the toxins out of your body, is good to do at least once a month. I love tequila, so I have to detox more often! ???? ???????????????????????????????? #detox #cleanse #juicing #toxins
04/08/2021 09:20
How I will feel when I won’t have to wear a mask ever again! Oh wait, I’m studying to be a nurse! ???? Ok I guess I’ll be wearing a mask for the rest of my life. ???????????????????? #mask #nursingschool #nurse #rn
04/06/2021 08:34
Start your week right. Get lots of sleep, take your vitamins, detox, no alcohol, clean meals, exercise and focus on your career. #mondays #healthylifestyle #lifestyle
04/05/2021 06:41
I’m his bunny ???? @brandon__messina #easter #fiance
04/05/2021 04:31
Who still goes Easter egg hunting? I miss those days! ???? click the link in my bio to find my eggs ???? #happyeaster #easter
04/05/2021 02:22
Happy Easter Everyone!!!! ???????? #easter #easterbunny #eastersunday
04/04/2021 08:01
Happy Saturday! What’s everyone’s plans for Easter? #easter Lashes by @mobilash_
04/04/2021 12:03

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