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A TREAT FROM ME - Pregnancy and postpartum bodies are truly amazing but they do go through a lot of different changes, some of which can be hard to embrace. Anything that is going to help me feel better emotionally and physically gets a ???????? from me. During my first pregnancy I started using @mamamioskincare and my obsession has continued all the way through to my second pregnancy. A lot of you really enjoyed my Lucky Legs Cooling Gel hack, so I thought I would share all my favourite @mamamioskincare which keep me feeling good and are 100% pregnancy safe, vegan ingredients and natural fragrance. First up is the Pregnancy Boob Tube, one of my favourite finds, proven to increase skin elasticity helping to protect growing boobs and I also love smothering my bump and back with Tummy Rub Butter. This winning combo seems to be keeping stretch marks at bay for now. Finally the Keep Calm Nipple Balm is a great multitasking product, whilst I’m currently using it for my lips, I know it will be a lifesaver when I start breast feeding. So what you waiting for? Go treat yourself to a little pregnancy pampering with my exclusive code MILLIE for 20% off. I can’t wait to hear what products you love! #JoinTheMamahood
09/23/2021 09:57
Blooming lovely morning yesterday with @ralphlauren! Celebrating #chelseainbloom and the gorgeous installation by @willowcrossleycreates ????????????
09/22/2021 11:02
Now that Sienna is walking and in to absolutely everything, I knew it was time for her first pair of ‘Big Girl’ shoes. With Sienna’s hip dysplasia it means I have to be more mindful of finding shoes that fit properly and support her speedy adventures. When I discovered @jojomamanbebe had collaborated with @startrite_shoes on a collection of shoes designed to support little feet as they grow and learn to walk, I knew they would be the perfect fit to send Sienna on her way into the big wide world with confidence and style. You can use my exclusive code MILLIE at the checkout for a free pack of three navy socks, when you buy a pair of Start-Rite shoes. #JoJolovesStartRite #AD
09/21/2021 09:57
Since entering my third trimester I’m starting to feel very pregnant! A few new symptoms have popped up, some of them are the typical pregnancy symptoms but others are a bit more weird and wonderful… I’m finding that at around 4am some nights I’m woken up by leg cramps, I wake up in so much pain and I often shout out and poor Hugo wakes up thinking I’ve gone into labour, so it’s interrupting not just my sleep but his too! I’m trying magnesium supplements and cream which is meant to help ???????? I’m also struggling with insomnia so when I get these cramps at 4am, that tends to be me wide awake! I’m led just staring at the ceiling, until I decide I may as well get up. Lightening crotch is an painful symptom that I’ve had a couple of times. Out of nowhere I get shooting pains where I basically can’t stand up. I’d heard of it before but I didn’t experience it during my last pregnancy, so it definitely took me by surprise! The ever common Braxton Hicks have returned. I’m getting them most days now where my stomach muscles tense up, it’s quite uncomfortable but I’m trying to relax and not stress when it happens. I’m finding that a warm bath helps to ease the sensation. My voice is also very husky and not in a sexy way! All of my nasal passages are inflamed, so I basically sound snuffly, like I have a cold. I had this last time and I started to snore quite badly, the joys of pregnancy! Bleeding gums, I would never have thought pre my babies that my dental health would suffer when pregnant, I need to go and see my hygienist but have been using my water flosser at home to try to help reduce the plaque build up. Did you experience any of these or any other less talked about symptoms? ????????
09/20/2021 12:05
The colour of love ????
09/19/2021 11:34
Having a Bridgerton moment for a very close friends nuptials today #thirdtrimesterfashion #7monthspregnant ???? ????
09/18/2021 02:21
As much as I love our twinning looks I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be able to keep them up. It’s getting tricker to get dressed each day without thinking about matching with little Miss Sienna! Who knows maybe one day we’ll be back with tripleting looks, but for now here’s some of my favourite twinning moments from the past few months ????
09/17/2021 10:08
Secrets of a busy mum...... Let’s be honest, gone are the days where I could just ‘pop in’ to have a blowdry or get my nails done! I was recently in need of pamper afternoon so I gave myself permission to ignore the laundry basket and reached out to @ruubyapp for a bit of me time. You might have seen me post about @ruubyapp before, they are London's first digital beauty concierge. The team of beauty therapists and masseuses are really fantastic and their at home treatments are a must for any busy parent or expecting mamas. Be it blowdries, massages, facials, pregnancy treatments, manicures (Sienna is a fan of all the pretty colours), whatever you need, they have you covered! I feel so revived after my @ruubyapp visit that I wanted to treat you all to an exclusive 15% off when using my code MILLIE Enjoy!! ????????‍♀️ ???????? #ad
09/16/2021 10:28
Celebrating the female form in all its glory @lindenlark #thirdtrimester????????
09/15/2021 10:24
Give Up Clothes for Good - I’m so thrilled to be partnering with TK Maxx supporting their wonderful relationships with Cancer Research UK Children & Young People and Enable Ireland. Want to know how you can all help too? Simply donate and drop off a bag of good quality, pre-loved clothes, homewares or accessories to your local TK Maxx store. Items will then be resold in Cancer Research UK shops to help fund research for children's and young people's cancers, whilst donations in Ireland will be given to Enable Ireland shops to help support children with disabilities. So what are you waiting for – GET DONATING NOW! @tkmaxxuk @cr_uk @enable.ireland @jasonbellphoto @tkmaxxie #AD A few little thank you’s to all that made this campaign possible. @jasonbellphoto for capturing these beautiful images @janetaylor_hayhurst for the best walk in wardrobe @markgostick for the fabulous video content The A Team @donnamgmt @sarahreygate @timcrespinhair @dundascomms
09/14/2021 10:29

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