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Gearing up for Tuesday @ayoedebiri and I got the chance to interview @edmarkey! A true progressive king up for re-election in mass. We have the chance for a true blue wave and to change the course of history!!!! Side note: Ed, would love to zoom again... truly....anytime...
10/31/2020 02:01
SOMEHOW THIS ISN’T A NEW SITCOM COMING TO ABC??!!....... @ayoedebiri and I got to interview legend @edmarkey for @ilovethatsenatorforyou !!!! coming soon.
10/28/2020 10:17
10/23/2020 03:43
????@knock4democracy is the best! They help you with every step of the way, you get to zoom with real life humans (kind of wild!?), and you still don’t have to put on a bra! Direct voter contact can make the difference in a tight race. Right now, phone banking is the best and safest way to do it!!! ????
09/29/2020 10:31
Register to vote! Flip the senate! Wear a hat!
09/23/2020 07:24
got 3 neg tests so we could sit on this car and sing our fav @madicunningham @christhile @therealylt cover with gorgeous car noises ✨( @livefromhereapm was one of the most magical things on the planet)
08/27/2020 03:40
In 2018 #BoxstepPerformingArts gave us unprecedented access into their summer theater intensive. Here is a film about that time. Link is bio.
03/31/2020 08:00
02/13/2020 06:56
bathroom caucus #mypitz #bradspitz
02/06/2020 09:52
first time we have been out of the house since the baby was born!!!
01/07/2020 09:18
12/30/2019 08:10
12/04/2019 06:45

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