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oh she’s happy. Apologies my lovers I haven’t been as active on insta. I’m finding myself being very present and not being on my phone, I deffo miss having the memories on my camera roll but feeling good. Monday motivation is to savour the moments with your loved ones, put your phones away as then you’re not living vicariously through others. Here’s me sipping away on my aperol with some pretty amazing company ????
04/26/2021 10:13
happy earth day ???????? I’m grateful for the beautiful world we live in and everything in it. Feeling blessed I’ve had the chance to experience a lot of it. Let’s all make a conscious effort to look after it the way we should x
04/22/2021 10:56
So full of happiness to be getting dressed up and going out with friends - so many outfits to plan ???? Dress from @NewLook #ThatNewLookFeeling #ad
04/22/2021 10:59
It’s time to get ready for summer ???? I was actually really proud of myself for this. ???????? @swimsociety
04/20/2021 09:01
So buzzing to be back in the boxing gym ???????????? @stateofmindfitness
04/15/2021 11:51
back to work for mon ????????????I tried to do a cool transformation reels but I couldn’t do the transition I looked ridiculous so a pic will do. I’ll have to stick to my voiceovers????????
04/14/2021 05:52
happy Monday cherubs! She’s back, working and ready to record with one of her favourite companies....working with @brits today. ????
04/12/2021 02:30
dear friends.... my mood for the whole summer plz don’t let me down ???? — repost @thetropixs
04/02/2021 10:32
she’s coming home.... ✈️
03/30/2021 10:22
This honestly is the best sound clip ever and it gives me so much life. Can anyone relate? ????
03/30/2021 12:09
My thoughts on seaspiracy.... sorry for the brain dump but I think this is really important to share this. Trying to be honest with you all and share my experience of watching the Netflix documentary. Being an influencer, sometimes you have to take a long hard look at yourself and wonder wtf you’re influencing and if you’re actually making positive changes. This is important, these are my thoughts and I’m hoping to influence you to watch the documentary at least. Sending love and I hope you all find some time to watch it.
03/28/2021 08:29
Me bored about to confront a guy I barely know for more attention and gifts ????????
03/27/2021 05:13

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