Brad Pitt Has To Kill Marion Cotillard

What’s going on between Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard?! Find out in the coming-soon WWII action drama called Allied.

A trailer for this film appeared not long ago. The actors are performing spies who kill Nazis. They fall in love, tie a knot and give birth. Then Jolie’s ex-husband receives an order to kill his wife.

His superior says that she possibly can be a German spy. Meanwhile Pitt says that this is simply insane.

Then Brad needs to find evidence that his wife is not dangerous in order to rescue her. Though, in case he fails, it has to be his hand to assassinate his on-screen partner. Otherwise, she will be hanged.

Next it is possible to see the couple rolling around in bed while the trailer’s background music becomes menacing. The actor says to Marion that she was different yesterday. He noticed that she was angry.

Do you want to know her answer? You will see explosions, bombings and everything possible made by Pitt to reassure his superiors that Cotillard is not what she is suspected of. In the end Cotillard asks Pitt what happened to her kiss.