Sarah Jessica Parker Does Not Mix Her Private And Professional Life

Some actors do connect their roles with private life. However, Sarah Jessica Parker is not superstitious. She does not believe her latest role will affect her real life.

We remind you that Sarah performs a woman amid divorce. Being spotted at the debut of Divorce held in NYC, the beauty shared how it feels like to perform a woman amid the divorce while being a happily married woman.

Parker perceives acting as her job and it should be so. It is interesting for her to perform. That is why the actress decided to embody the story, why she has found writers for creating a landscape and environment that could excite and thrill.

The 51-year-old celebrity considers it to be easy keeping professional and private life in different places.

Sarah Jessica is always consumed by what she is performing. Every single job is special for her. And meanwhile, private life is completely not connected to her work. The actress feels specific about it.