A Corsage And Boutonniere From Emma Stone Gets... Arizona Teen

Unfortunately Emma Stone could not make it to Jacob Staudenmaier's prom, she helped the boy and his date to be prepared for the night.

The actress sent Jacob a boutonniere and a matching corsage for his date. Emma also sent him a handwritten note along with the surprise presents. So, here is what Emma wrote: "Jacob, A little something for you and your lucky date tomorrow”. She also wished him to have a great time.

We remind you that Jacob went viral after he decided to make a La La Land-themed promposal for the star. Lots of people called him young Ryan Gosling. Emma thanked for the proposal and called it a great honour for her. Stone stated that she is currently working in London and hopes that he has the best time at prom.

According to Jacob, he is going to have a great time with his friends.