Angelina Jolie And Guerlain Are A Match!

Angelina Jolie’s acting prowess and her gorgeous red carpet outfits inspire new and new generations. However, her role as a humanitarian and mother are her favourite ones.

This passion she is weaving into the latest venture (the face of Guerlain’s latest scent called Mon Guerlain). Her entire salary was donated to charity. The actress shared why she decided to work with the fragrance and where is giving her money away.

It was a surprise that it took so long Angelina to enter the beauty venture. Jolie stated that she would not just become a partner with of any company. However, Guerlain is a brand she knew about from her childhood. So, it was just naturally.

Angelina’s mother loved this brand. The oldest perfume house speaks to Jolie and it spoke to her mother of history, quality and beauty. The star loves France, the brand’s homecountry. Jolie feels that the brand matches her.