Cara Delevingne Channels Past and Future With Silver Toupee

Cara Delevingne compiled a 1920s-style haircut with metal equipment when Valerian was introduced, and this was confusing.

A professional worker, turned into a model, was shivering (mad, provocative, cool) enlightened, noisy sound, starting late, so we were shocked by the waves of fingers she found on the cover. A silver blonde hairstyle brings the sincerity of the VIP cosmetologist Mary Roszak, who made the wig.

"Last night I made this hair chart for Kara. I unmistakably rethought how to sag with my fingers about 15 years ago, "- engraved her Instagram sticker on the cover. "This requires an unrivaled quality to become perfect, but so strengthened that it did not pay attention to this procedure. I demanded that this piece look like a kind of cautious layer, similar to the sparkling, protected clothing that ended the shaved head. "

Star Valerian combined her false finger waves with a metal outfit from the Iris Van Herpen cluster F / W '17. "I mean, of course, metal, despite the fact that I could not have gone in case it was so. It's plastic, but it's confusing, whatever it is, "Kara said. News "There will be Marfungi.

The outfit has an impulse aspiration with the passage of the metallic material. It's unbalanced, pure, geometric, and it's right, it's awesome.