Catherine Zeta-Jones Shares Her Skincare Secrets

Catherine Zeta-Jones has shared her pieces of advice on beauty with us. The star, 48, told how she takes care of her skin.

The actress considers everyone should eat well. She is also fond of exercises. She takes regular tap dancing. Catherine does not drink alcohol. She has got a strict beauty regimen which helps her to maintain her look. Zeta-Jones advises not to forget about checking of your whole body for new shape freckles.

Her skincare specialist advises not to pick.

Catherine relies on 3 skincare favourite products. Those are: Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial, Methode Physiodermie Soft Face Biopeeling and Rhonda Allison Pumpkin E Serum.

Every day the star used not to leave the house without a small army of goods.

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