Children Of Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Have Starry Stylists – Their Parents!

Alex Rodriguez shared in his latest interview that the secret of their easy-going relationship with Jennifer Lopez is that they are “very much twins”. He has found around 20 things in which they are alike. To start with, both of them are Latino, Leos and from NY.

As for us, we consider, their styling ability also bonds them.

Alex chooses outfits for his 2 daughters. He calls it his “secret talent”. He is father to 9-year-old Ella and 12-year-old Natasha. The star loves to take his girls shopping. Jennifer agreed that Alex is a secret stylist.

Lopez also shared about her own talent. She is an expert in Halloween make-up. The star uploaded cute photos of Emme, her 9-year-old daughter. She looks ready for trick-or-treating on the snap.

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