Elton John Recalls George Michael was 'Among the Greatest in the World'

George Michael will stay in Elton John’s heart forever as friends never say goodbye. While being the guest on Rocket Hour on Beats 1 Radio Elton John reminisced about the deceased star for almost one hour.

“He was definitely among the most talented singers and one of the most outstanding music writers in this country. He was the best as my true friend and as an artist. He deserves my honor and respect for being among the greatest in the world,” John expressed his admiration.

“Our friendship started a long time ago while he was in Wham! I was there at their last concert at Wembley Stadium, and for some reasons I played in Ronald McDonald outfit. I remember giving Michael three-wheeler car with dice and I also put his name on it and Andy’s [Ridgeley] name. Now it reminds me of myself, same old and beat-up,” Elton John also remembered.