Heidi Klum spoke on the scandal with Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein, is accused of a string of sexual harassment of actresses. More and more actresses admit that he pestered them.

Along with the rest, the well-known model Heidi Klum decided to follow the example of her colleagues and spoke out against Weinstein.

44-year-old Heidi Klum, who was struck by history. According to her, this is far from an isolated event in the show business. The problem is that very many actresses are exposed to the disgusting

attitude of the producers. The actress stated that at the time of her career, many men who were higher in status behaved simply disgustingly and considered this a norm. Many inexperienced actresses suffered greatly from such an attitude.

The model admitted that it also had experience with this attitude of men. "This is one of many examples of such terrible treatment of women around the world. I think it will be difficult to find a woman - including me - who would not have had the experience of humiliation and bad attitude on the part of men who are stronger, taller or physically, "says Klum.

"I really admire the women who spoke to share their stories, because the changes cannot happen until a dialogue takes place between the people who are responsible for this," the model continues.