Hugh Jackman supported same-sex marriage in Australia

Hugh Jackman and his wife supported the legalization of same-sex marriages in Australia, like many other celebrities. As you know, now in Australia, there is a collection of signatures for the legalization of same-sex marriages.

Many celebrities residing there supported the law with their voices, reports Earlier we reported that the famous actor Hugh Jackman is fighting skin cancer for about four years. Hugh does not fall into despair and yet looks healthy and happy. He is determined to defeat the disease.

"We believe that all Australians deserve equality before the law, which is why Deb and I say yes," Jackman wrote in his social network. Now such an innovation will surprise no one, because in the modern world more than 20 countries have accepted relations between the same sex and try to treat them loyally, thereby allowing them to be a happy family and a full-fledged unit of society. Note that for the legalization of same-sex marriages in Australia were also the famous singer Kylie Minogue and actress Margo Robey.

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