Jay-Z stopped the concert to pick up the woman who had defeated the cancer twice

The famous benchmark Jay-Z, held a concert at Oracle Arena in Oakland. During the event he saw a woman with a huge poster "I defeated the cancer twice and came to the concert of my

favorite artist." Selfie or embrace? " Reper raised Christina Cruz to the stage and said that she is very courageous and cheerful person. The singer added that he wants to embrace her, in order to support him in the difficult struggle with the disease.

The whole event has acquired a subtext. The whole performance was filled with the spirit of confidence and strength. Fans noted the noble act of the rapper. Many people say that these are very correct actions. Fans, at times, are in dire need of support, and the stars can serve as a kind of spiritual guide. Jay-Z noted that he was very moved by what was happening and sincerely wished the woman good health and strength in the fight against her illnesses. All the fans genuinely rejoiced and encouraged both characters.

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