Justin Timberlake Reacts To Jessica Biel's Fake Pregnancy Jokes

Justin Timberlake is not going for Ellen DeGeneres' pranks.

Jessica Biel, Justin’s wife, attended The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday. The star spoke of her dancing photos that appeared on the Web last week from a Los Angeles Lakers game. AT one moment during the game a snap was shot of Timberlake. The singer was posing with his hands on the star’s tummy. Obviously, this led to certain pregnancy rumours. So, Ellen made up an entire fake story about the couple’s expecting a daughter. She also decided to call Timberlake to inform him about the news.

Having picked up the phone, Justin told DeGeneres and Biel that he was cooking sweet potato fries with his son Silas. Silas is 1 and he is the “King of the House”.

DeGeneres used this nickname to announce the news to Justin. She told him that soon there will be a “Queen of the House”. She also suggested that the baby girl’s name should be Ellen.

The singer did not seem too enthusiastic about the news. He told not wait to know whose baby it was. However, Ellen told him that was a different show.